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Aeritanian Language

Most Aeritanians speak the global lingua franca of the moment, as much of the original Aeritanian language has been lost. Still, some words and linguistic customs remain, and a reconstructed version is often used in academia and official politcal documents. Some more isolated parts of the islands use very modernized dialects, more influenced by the reconstructed version than the original.
The most important phrases a diplomat would need to know are:
Hael ei oreaurel vaguely translates to "hail and well-met", and is still used as a greeting in the present day, though most Aeritanians would use either "Hael" or "Oreaurel".
Ars is a noble title, and vaguely translates to "lord". Although the nobility do not possess much power in the present day, many still choose to use the title over the more common Sir/Ser, which are the Mr./Ms. equivalents. It is also part of the formal title of government representatives, harking back to the old system of government.
Princeps is the ruler's title. It is gender neutral; both a female leader and a male leader would bear the title Princeps.

Most of what modern day linguists know of the original language comes from place names and the names of historical figures.

As a side note, the motto of Aeritania, "As the sea, so the sky" is derived from the original Aeritanian language, and is commonly believe to be a mangled translation of the phrase "As above, so below".

Aeritanian writing uses the system of the current lingua franca. Original Aeritanian had a writing system, but it is mostly indecipherable, and what little is known comes from royal and noble crests. The Ordan Alecmis maintains a large catalog of ancient Aeritanian texts, waiting for the day their Rosetta Stone may be uncovered.