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The Principality of Aeritania

“As the sea, so the sky”

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Aeritanian Military

Being an island nation with a tradition of shipbuilding, the Aeritanian Navy is naturally the strongest branch of the Aeritanian military. Recently, with the rise of airships, an Air Force has been rapidly developing, but it has a long way to go before it reaches the heights of the Navy. Aeritania also possesses an Army, composed of what once were island militias, but it is largely understaffed; Aeritanians would rather fight off would-be invaders from their ships than on their turf, and they have no imperial ambitions (at least not yet).
At the age of 21, all Aeritanians, male or female, must serve at least a two-year stint in the military. This is mostly to enforce a feeling of unity throughout the historically divided country, rather than to protect against attack. As such, there are numerous loopholes and exceptions.