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“As the sea, so the sky”

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Aerta ei Shalour, or Musings on the Sky and Sea

Being an island nation, the sea has always been an important aspect of Aeritanian life, and naturally plays a significant role in Aeritanian culture. The sky, however, seems to play a much larger role, something that has baffled outsiders for quite some time. This reverence, if not really worship, of the sky is one of two holdovers of Aetiha, and seems to stem from a ritualistic dependence on the very prevalent aether crystals on the islands.
Ancient Aeritanians believed that Aeritania was the place where the sea and the sky met, thus its nicknames tend to include the word "horizon". This is the second holdover from Aetiha. Notably, the linguists who created Reconstructed Aeritanian couldn't find a historical basis for a "horizon" equivalent in Aeritanian, and so the word is "Aeritan". The name of the nation itself is derived from aether.