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Astrology??? In My Country??? It's More Likely Than You Think

Aeritanians are well aware of the pointlessness of astrology and other superstitions, but only they are allowed to mock their traditional astrology. If you mention how said astrology is nonsense to an Aeritanian as a foreigner, they will not take it well. Much of ancient Aeritanian culture has been lost due to constant civil war for a vast swath of time, so whatever has been salvaged becomes an immense source of pride for Aeritanians. This often contradicts their official and popular stance on religion, but most Aeritanians apparently make exceptions. You can find astrology sections in newspapers, usually in the funny pages or some other similarly inconsequential section.

Traditional Aeritanian astrology splits the sky into two sections: the Ainsa and the Kaelsa.
The Ainsa is the cold northern sky. It contains the signs
Ahk: The Fisherman. Patient, Determined, Quiet
Nai: The Spear. Direct, Intelligent, Impersonal
Vol: The Torch. Passionate, Competitive, Defiant
Ael: The Songstress. Sentimental, Compassionate, Gentle
Pwl: The Mountain. Strong, Fatherly, Stern
Rhi: The Crown. Commanding, Clever, Arrogant
The Kaelsa is the warmer southern sky. It contains the signs
Ehr: The Jewel. Brilliant, Proud, Shallow
Ein: The Swan. Elegant, Emphatic, Frail
Tar: The Warrior. Stoic, Brave, Loyal
Wyd: The Thread. Creative, Humble, Fatalistic
Qin: The Scholar. Wise, Open-Minded, Hard-Working
Faa: The Fool. Excitable, Personable, Lots of Potential

Each sign corresponds to an ancient month and constellation. As Aeritania posseses a modern calendar, this results in the signs falling at strange points throughout the year.