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The Principality of Aeritania

“As the sea, so the sky”

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Aeritania and the World

Aeritania is a small nation, and has been isolated by the vast stretches of ocean surrounding it for most of its history. Only since the reign of Princeps Laeita var Kelos, first princess of the var Kelosian Dynasty and forth princeps in said dynasty, has Aeritania been aware of the rest of the world. For the most part, Aeritanians want little to do with the outside world. They have enough problems getting along with themselves; very few of them would have the patience to deal with cultures different from their own. Princeps Iskander, however, has made it his policy to bring Aeritania to the world stage, more out of curiosity than any vested interest in gaining power. For now, Aeritania has determined to observe from the sidelines, and build itself up in its own little corner of the world.