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“As the sea, so the sky”

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Weapons of the Islands

For most of its history, Aeritanians have fought each other with various melee weapons, and occasionally bows and arrows, infused with special properties through alchemy. For instance, a lance that has been electrified or a sword that spontaneously combusts in the hands of the right wielder. These alchemical weapons tend to be family heirlooms. Said sword that spontaneously combusts, for example, is the Dyrnwyn, an ancient blade belonging to House var Kelos.

Alchemy itself is also used frequently in combat. Special devices have been developed to allow soldiers to use simple alchemical techniques in combat, like the Aerithium Ontoris, a gauntlet that allows the user to blast a gust of wind at their opponent.

Recently, the islands have begun to utilize gun-like weapons called arquebuses. Unlike the arquebus of the mainlands, the Aeritanian arquebus is a cheap alchemical weapon that allows for the continued fire of elemental rounds. The modern arquebus, designed by Elder Yvien ien Rorial, current head of the Ordan Alecmis, relies upon a simple mechanism of rubidium and azoth to shoot fiery metal at an enemy. While effective, the arquebus is prone to mechanical failure, and requires constant maintenance. It does not require ammunition; just regular upkeep and replacement of the rubidium and azoth inside. Larger arquebus-type weapons, called cannons have been installed on every warship, both in the sky and on the ocean, and many a merchant and passenger ship have a few to ward off potential pirates.