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Airships, or Orin'desa

Most airships, or Orin'desa, are simply ordinary water-traversing ships modified for flight capabilities using alchemy. These are used in place of cargo and passenger planes. They are very new concepts to Aeritanians, who mostly prefer water ships while the technology for airships is being developed. A single airship is called an Orin'desi, or "bird-boat" in Reconstructed Aeritanian.

An Orinthos is an alchemical vehicle; a combination jet, canoe and motorcycle that is used in place of horses, which are not found naturally on the islands. Foreigners from more advanced nations might compare them to hoverbikes. Developed prior to the Second Civil War as military vehicles for a sort-of cavalry, they are traditionally used by fisherman rather than soldiers. Orinthos are most famously used to catch the fast-swimming and dangerous Naraki, a large fish that features prominently in Aeritanian cuisine, as they are very common and nutritious.
The Orinthos Ekalra is a massive annual race featuring these vehicles, similar to the Tour de France. Orinthos racing itself is an extremely popular sport in Aeritania.
The Orin'kaita ("bird-fighter") fighter-jet style airships used by the Aeritanian Air Force historically derive much of their internal workings from modern Orinthos designs. They sport small cannon-like guns, which use the same technology as arquebuses and cannons, but fire at much faster rates. These ships sacrifice power for speed, and are very much still in development.