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Princeps Iskander var Kelos

Princeps of Aeritania
Iskander var Kelos

The Princeps on a hunting trip with Rhiivon the owl
Personal Info


Feburary 22, 2477 A.F.


Viira, Kelos Island




Princeps Arkanos var Kelos (deceased)


Ars Elinosia varsa Kelos (nee tyra Lithrus, deceased)



Sexual Orientation:


"It is time the Horizon extended past the once-Great Sea." - Princeps Iskander var Kelos

The curious young Princeps of Aeritania, Iskander var Kelos, continues the var Kelosian tradition of democracy and unification. However, for the first time since his ancestor Laeita varsa Kelos, Iskander seeks to bring Aeritania to the world stage, and, for the first time ever, has made it the main goal of his reign. He also hopes to modernize some aspects of Aeritanian culture; to these ends, he has been forced to make many concessions to the Sarei Tor, and many political opponents misjudge him as a weak leader for this. He is more scheming and subtle than his predecessors, who were more traditionally threatening and authoritarian. He presents an image of a well-rounded youth to the public: an educated young man who enjoys sports and places his people above all else. In reality, he tends overthink things and act overly proud, and he must take care in the future to not let his scheming methods overshadow his good intentions.

Early Life
Young Iskander spent many days studying the great works of many Aeritanian philosophers and political scientists, but none fascinated him as much as the writings of his ancestor, Laetia varsa Kelos. This, combined with many secret trips spent fooling around with friends in the ports of Viira, inspired a thirst for exploration in the young Princeps. He spent many days racing Orinthos and concocting pranks, and was all together a rather mischievous child.

His mother, Elinosia, died giving birth to his younger sister, Varsytila. His father, Arkanos, often blamed Varsytila for this, and Iskander would spend many nights comforting her with grand stories of epic heroes from Aeritania's history. He often found himself caring for Varsytila and allowing her to tag along with him on his escapades, since his father did not have the time or interest in caring for his children. He never resented his father for this; rather, he resented the coldness of traditional Aeritanian leadership, and swore to change this one day.

Princeps Arkanos died when Iskander was only 15 years old. Legally, he could not ascend to the throne until the age of 18, the Aeritanian age of adulthood. Thus, Ars Sarei Arkane Ulden kae Ostaia, head of the Sarei Tor, led the nation as Princeps Praetanius, or Prince Regent. Iskander spent the next three years studying politics furiously. He desperately wished to prove himself to the people of Aeritania, who were concerned that another var Kelosian would spend years on the throne merely maintaining the status quo. He ascended the throne in a tense atmosphere of trepidation and hopefulness.

Reign and Ideology
It has been five years since Iskander ascended. He has fought hard to earn the trust of the people and the Sarei Tor, and now must work harder keep that trust.

Since taking power Princeps Iskander has enacted a series of policies; they have resulted in:

  • Term Limits for members of the Sarei Tor

  • Membership in the World Assembly

  • Becoming a signatory to an international climate treaty

  • Marriage equality

Political Opinions
Iskander mostly values foreign exploration and diplomacy, as well as modernization of the Aeritanian government, military, education systems and hospitals. He also intends to fund research of new medical technologies, and archaeological endeavors to translate ancient Aeritanian texts. Internationally, Iskander pursues a policy known as "Faitien" or "Observance"; Aeritania is to watch and interact with its fellow nations, but will only offer aid or intervene in wars if Aeritania is directly threatened. This policy has allowed Iskander to gain far more support for his other foreign policies, and has made him rather popular among the people. He continues the var Kelosian tradition of protecting the environment, the only policy for which his predecessors ever received much support.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Foreign Trade, Exploration, Globalization, Modernization, Education, Research Funding, Environmental Protection

  • Neutral: Immigration, Expansion/Colonization, Capital Punishment, Military Funding, Foreign Aid

  • Anti: Authoritarianism, Drugs (excluding Alcohol), Weapons of Mass Destruction

Personal Life
Iskander is a rather studious young man. He greatly enjoys reading new research from the Ordan Alecmis and tinkering in his atelier himself. He is a decent athlete; he is an excellent swimmer, skilled swordsman and expert Orinthos rider, but he doesn't care much for any other sports. In particular, he dislikes the recent import sport of Rugby; it's too violent for his tastes. He spends quite a bit of time caring for his pet owl, Rhiivon, who has been his close companion since he was a young boy. He also spends a great deal of time doting on his younger sister, much to her chagrin ("I'm 19, for the spirits' sakes! I am no longer a child!" can be often heard echoing down the hallway leading to the Lady's study), and patrolling with the Captain of the Royal Guard, Marina kore Velin, who he is rumored to fancy.

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