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The Crowned State of Austrovik-Germania

“Arbeit, Rijk, Volk | Work, Realm, People”

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The Crowned State of Austrovik-Germania

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The Crowned State of Austrovik-Germania

Flag of Austrovik-Germania

Motto: "Arbeit, Rijk, Volk"
Anthem: Over the River Ulm

Mesder Sea, The Western Isles

Capital: Hortendorf
Largest City (by Population): Wilhelmsdorf

Demonym: Austrovik-Germanian

Government: Dominant-Party Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch: His Majesty King Frederick Michael I
- First Minister: Frederick von Hersmann

- Lower House: Rijkstag
- Upper House: Bundesrat

Population: 21'600'560

Official Language: Austrovik German

GDP (nominal): US$ 578'462'996'800
GDP (nominal) per capita: US$ 26'780

Currency: Rijksmarke

Drives on the: Left


The Crowned State of Austrovik-Germania, more commonly referred simply as the State of Austrovik-Germania is a constitutional monarchy located in the heart of the Mesder Sea, closely neighbouring the Kingdom of Havalland and the Confederate Monarchy of Belle Ilse en Terre. Austrovik-Germania is made up of a collection of islands named the Austren Archieligo, or Ístrenich Archipel in Austrovik German. The nation is renowned for its large automobile industry, high standard of living and its geographical beauty, and has the 20th largest GDP in the Western Isles, and also the 20th highest GDP per Capita.

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The actual nation-state of Austrovik-Germania did not exist until the mid-19th Century - before then, the Kingdom of Austrenia was the dominant power in the Archpeligo, with the Empire of Hungyar-Moravia being further south and the Kingdoms of Pruscany and Austrovia.

In the 1400s the more ancient kingdoms of Austrovia and Pruscany semi-unified to create what is now referred to as the Dual Monarchy, to combat the much larger Holy Austren Confederation and this was the first proto-Germanian state within the Archipel. It wasn't until 1819 the Austrovik-Germanian Empire was declared and eventually would create a large colonial empire in South Argus.

This new Austrovik-Germanian Empire crumbled after the First Imperial War, when it was then turned into an occupation zone by the Free Powers. Indeed, the Empire did have several technological advantages during the battles that occured in the cities of the Isles, such as Auchen, with the much more superior tanks and armoured vehicles. However, Austrovik-Germania simply couldn't keep up with the rapid rate of tanks being produced by the Free Powers, and eventually fell in 1943.

Afterwards, the Archipeligo was divided into two seperate states. A capitalist friendly, democracy not-included government was set up in the East, establishing the Austrovik Republic. In the west was the Worker's Republic of Austrovik-Germania, which was a communist, agrarian state. The previous capital city of the Empire, Hortendorf, was also divided between north and south, and the Austrovik Republic kept the north and the communists kept the south.

Austrovik-Germania was not unified until 1994, when a constitutional referendum in October of that year, and the previous monarchy was restored to power but only as a figurehead. The Crowned State of Austrovik-Germania was declared on December 19th, 1994.

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