by Max Barry

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The Imperial Confederation of Ave Gloriana

“Dios, Patria, Emperador!”

Category: Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:
Below Average

Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: Catholic



Proclamation of Sterilisation

Be it Proclaimed and Ordered by His Grand Imperial Majesty Jorge Carlos the Second, by the Grace of God, Grand Emperor of Ave Gloriana:

101. With the looming passage of an unfortunate resolution to prohibit the forced sterilisation of our subjects, effective immediately, we hereby order the release of NuVex gas, a sterilising agent, onto the population of our subjects and on all territories of the Imperial Confederation;

102. That the breeding of our race shall continue through an Imperial Breeding Program;

103. For the purposes of safety, the border of the Imperial Confederation, of all planets and territories thereof are hereby closed until the Minister of State Security deems otherwise.

Jorge Carlos I.R.