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Location: Lazarus



Basic Axixic Geography

Axixic consists of four islands.

The largest is the island of Axixic. It is located in the SE corner of the 2017-2018 map of Lazarus. It is 4826 square miles in area. It has a mountain range of approximately 250 km length running north-south along the eastern side of the island. The largest mountain is Mt. Bob (13846 m) and the range, which has several local names, is officially known as the Mountains of Jocotepec (in English - Black Thorns).

The island of Axixic has two very distinctive geographical features other than the mountains. Two very large lakes.

The northernmost is South Lake, named after the legendary warrior-priest J’Cumbra South, and is 37 square miles in area.

The largest and southernmost Lake is North Lake, named after Patriot of the Revolution Zebediah North, and is 1100 square miles in area.

The second largest island is Drunken Monkey Island and is situated directly north of the island of Axixic. It is about 100 square miles in area, about half of which consists of salt marshes.

About 100 km due West of Drunken Monkey Island is the third island, No Hope Island - 66 square miles.

And a distant 550 kilometers to the west, near the shores of the nation-states of “The Canyour” and “Lake Flotillas” is Axixic’s last geographical component Gilligan’s Isle,

Factbook authorized by Minister of Education, Zumwalt Sizzle-Garrison, 1/17/18