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The Republic of Axuva

“Forever a Democracy (영원히 민주주의)”

Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
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Very Good
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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: The North Pacific



ANPOS (Axuviam National Protection Operating System)

The ANPOS, or Axuvian National Protection Operation System allows the government to regulate all electronics within the city, from surveillance cameras to traffic lights. It is run by our government. It allows us to do things like hack into security cameras to lets say, look for someone who just stole a watch out of a store and we need to look for them. When we hack into someones device we ask them for permission to look for any potential criminals. We do not use this all the time, this system is threatened to be hacked alot and that is the downside, while we are keeping our cities safe, the thing is that people can hack into this and we try our best to stop this from happening. There has only been one time someone has been able to get into the systems, and that cause a city blackout and the person was arrested later. It may seem like a invasion of privacy, but it is for our citizens lives. It allows us to look into things like phones, security cameras, computers, and more. It is vital that citizens do not get into this system for theirself due to citizens security and their protection of their information and we are constantly upgrading this system to prevent hackers from getting into the system. We don't always use this. We only use it when we have to look for criminals like the people who try to hack into the system and just criminals in general and even bigger threats and allows us to detect criminals before they do the crime if they are a potential threat if a threat is reported to us or if we detect they are a threat and it also allows us to find criminals in hiding.

The Republic of Axuva