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The Drunken Dance Party of Aywhyou

“Libertas - Ex significatione vivendi” Blessed Mage of the Sacred Stars

Category: Left-wing Utopia
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Regional Influence: Squire

Location: the South Pacific



Hey, why you, Aywhyou?

The exact origins of the Aywhyouans are unclear since their language and traditional national costume does not resemble any other in the South Pacific region. Various countries have attempted to annex the nation since it was discovered by a suburban housewife cleaning out the back seat of her SUV. Canadian forces briefly occupied Aywhyou in 1999. A loose consortium of hungry nanites began mining the nation's mineral deposits early in the 21st century. After the Imaginary Third World War - and a brutal occupation by North Anatnom - Aywhyou was accidentally liberated by a band of lost and confused drag queens searching for their performance venue. It achieved independence in 2018 and joined the WA as the world's weirdest independent republic.