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Election 2020: Kuriko 43.2%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 34.7%, Caelapes 11.5%, Valentine Z 10.6%

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The Constitutional Roman Empire of Bax-Landia

“I love the name of honor, more than NationStates” Ulysses Caesar

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Hatchling

Location: Osiris



The Emperor's Guard

The Emperor's Guard, nicknamed as "The Praetorian Guard", is composed of the best of the best of the best. Nearly all of those in The Emperor's Guard has served in the 10th or 13th legions, or 10th fleet. The actual passing rate through training is just a mere 12% - 20% per class, with each class consisting of anywhere from 200-1,000 soldiers with the larger classes having more repeats. In the military, if you choose the military as your career after mandatory service, it is seen as the great honor just receiving a recommendation to serve in The Emperor's Guard and the greatest honor is serving in The Emperor's Guard, as it is the hardest to get into. The Numbers are about 1 to 4 Legions strong as no exact numbers are to be given about The Emperor's Guard.

P.S. The Emperor's Guard is barred from competing in The Legion Games