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Election 2020: Kuriko 43.2%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 34.7%, Caelapes 11.5%, Valentine Z 10.6%

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The Constitutional Roman Empire of Bax-Landia

“I love the name of honor, more than NationStates” Ulysses Caesar

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Hatchling

Location: Osiris



Equipment Arsenal

(Number of)x(Number of barrels)
Pictures are highly classified
squadron - is about 10 - 20 ships or craft
Julius Class: The Julius class is a high tech Space Scouting ship armed with 30x6 40mm anti-aircraft weapons, 15x 30in rail guns and an outer shell of about 4in of a classified material. The ship carries 60 squadrons of scout ships all of them are also capable fighters, 40 squadrons of bombers and 40 squadrons of fighters.
Total Crew: 65,000
Cost: 10 Billion Gold Coins

Augustus class: The Augustus Class is a high tech Space dreadnaught with simulations saying it can take on an entire fleet of Julius class ships and come out alive. The August class ships are armed to the teeth with 50x 40in rail guns, 30x2 dual turbo lasers, Classified Super Weapon(could be considered M.A.D.), 80x6 40mm anti-aircraft guns(kinetic), 80x6 anti-aircraft turbo lasers, and 10in armor plating of classified material. As well as having 150 bomber squadrons and 150 fighter squadrons, with 30 squadrons of scout ships that can be turned into fighters quickly if needed.
Total Crew: 280,000
Cost: 12.5 Billion Gold Coins

New Iupiter Class: Stretching over 70km(43.5mi) The Iupiter Transport is able to transport entire legions with just one ship. Relatively unarmed this ship has top-notch anti-missile, anti-torpedo, and anti-mine capabilities, to go alongside with some of the thickest armor and highest grade shielding that the empire has within its arsenal.
Support Group: Multiple Augustus and Neptune class ships
Total Crew:200,000 +1Legion
Cost: 15 Billion Gold Coins

New Neptune Class: Being the new Command ship of all fleets it is similar to the Iupiter Class but it has been built bigger and with a greater power output than an Augustus, Julius, and Iupiter Class ship combined. With armor plating of Iupiter class but 8x as thick it can take a heavy hit and still operate anywhere the ship can reach whether that be the depths of Titan(A moon orbiting Saturn) to the farthest edges of the Galaxies under the Empires' domain. Not only being able to take a punch but able to deal punches, with its multiple turrets and its main guns: 100x2 heavy dual Turbo Lasers, 100x2 75in Rail Guns, 200x8 50mm anti-aircraft, 200x4 anti-aircraft turbo lasers, 8 forward facing ordinance tubes, 40 upward, downward, port, and starboard ordinance tubes(40 for each), 250 squadrons of fighters, 200 squadrons of bombers, and 1 squadron of scout ships.
Crew: 1.567 million
Cost: Classified

Diana Class: The Stealth Helicopter.
Cost: 10 million gold coins

Anemoi class: The Attack Helicopter.
Cost: 9.7 million gold coins

Mars Class: Tanks. The Mars-class tanks have gone through multiple generations with the current generation being Mars VII. Mars class tanks are all armed with a 160mm caliber main weapon with later generations switching to rail instead of conventional propulsion, with also adding laser-guided missiles and adding a second 50 caliber machine gun. Each generation can be adapted for any combat mission from navigation through minefields to having to become amphibious.
Cost: 9 million gold coins

Victoria class: These are the nations fighter and ground support aircraft. The fighter variation is highly maneuverable at any speed. The Support variation is maneuverable at all of its speed as well but it can not break the sound barrier. Each one is armed with a classified amount of AAMs and ASMs with an unknown caliber machine gun. The fighters and Support aircraft are currently in its 12th and 13th generation, with the 14th and 15th being in development.
Cost: 30-40 million gold coins

Bellona Class: The Nations bombers come in two variations Stealth and non-stealth. The bombers are capable of delivering all of Bax-Landia's ordinance as all ordinance has their mounts standardized. Capable of also dropping nuclear ordinance.
Cost: 750million -1 billion gold coins

Minotaur Class: The Nations Battle armor. Minotaur body armor comes in many variations; being the Battle Suit, full body armor, exo, and then the standard body armor plating. The Battle Suit: comes with a custom 60mm cannon and a 20mm chain gun and operates with an internal user. Full Body armor: In cases the entire Soldier and enhances all attributes from cognitive thinking to strength and speed. Exo: Comes with the standard plate armor and enhance speed and strength. Plate Armor: The nations ballistic vest and helmets.
Cost: 300 to 1 million gold coins

Hercules Class: APCs comes with three variations: SAM, turret, and cannon. SAM: ten Surface to air missiles operated by the front seat passenger, Turret: a 2 dual barreled 50 caliber machine guns operated either remotely or by a person with another option being 2 High rates of fire Gatling guns, Cannon: a mounted 60mm cannon remotely operated by the front seat passenger
Cost: 7-8 million gold coins

Nemesis Class: Nemesis is the ICBMs of The Empire, with each version having greater range with lower range missiles being replaced by the newer generation 10 Nemesis class ICBM, which can strike anywhere in the world on any planet with a radius less than 69911.513 km.
Cost: Classified

Tartarus Class: Weapon type classified. activation only described as activated once the empire falls. the destructive force unknown.
Cost: Classified

Aether class: Aether's are high altitude orbital space stations, used by the Bax-Landian military for extraterrestrial defense and planetary surveillance, as well as fueling stations for the capital ships.
Cost: 8 billion Gold coins

decommissioned classes:(discriptions about the classes statuses)

Iupiter Class: The Iupiter class is a planetary supper transport capable of transporting the entire 10th legion with just 4 planes and the entire 13th with just a mere 3.
Cost:250 Million Gold Coins

Neptune Class (decommissioned): The Neptune class is a planetary aircraft carrier being able to operate on the sea. The Neptune class aircraft carrier has cutting-edge radar and anti-missile technology. The carrier also has a support grope of 1-2 Triton class submarines and Classified amount of Salacia class dreadnoughts.
Cost:1 billion gold coins

Salacia Class (decommissioned): The Salacia class is the planetary Dreadnaught. The dreadnaught comes in multiple variations being a destroyer, anti-missile, classic, ballistic, and anti-air/submarine. The destroyer variation is self-explanatory as they are designed to destroy target of or greater size than them. Anti-missile: missile defense variation. Classic: 4x3 22in rail guns, with multiple 20mm and 40mm anti-aircraft guns and depth charges. Ballistic: a strategic ICBM launcher capable of launch nuclear and non-nuclear ordinance. anti-air/submarine: designed to protect from enemy aircraft and submarine attacks.
Cost: 750million - 1billion gold coins

Triton class(decommissioned): Nuclear powered Submarine. Capable of launching nuclear and non-nuclear ordinance as well as being well armored and is highly capable of submarine warfare as it is highly maneuverable
Cost: 300 million gold coins

Sol Class (decommissioned): Space scouts, comes with HyperDrive, although it has limited fuel, it can still span the system the fleet is in before needing to return for refueling. currently 2nd gen with 3rd gen being developed(canceled)(replaced with 13th generation victoria class)(for sale to other nations for 15 million used 20 million new)
Cost:20 million gold coins