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The Free Bears of Bears Armed

Bears Armed was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 124

“Do we WHAT in the woods?”

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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: International Democratic Union



Peoples of Bears Armed

The majority of this nation’s inhabitants are, as its name implies, actually Ursines — i.e. sapient & anthropomorphic Bears, of various kinds — rather than Humans. They comprise approximately 15/16 of the total population, and although apparently derived from several differing types of “ordinary” [non-sapient, non-anthropomorphic] bears they all belong to a single species which has been given the scientific name of Ursus sapiens. This includes not only the majority stock, the Barra (within which the surviving 'Cave Bear' lineage, the Charrgh-eh Barra, is usually included) but also a considerably less numerous sub-species whose members (commonly known as Burra, instead) are significantly smaller than Barra of comparable ages and are also in some respects even more anthropomorphic than most of the Barra as well.

The remaining 1/16th of the country’s population consists, approximately, of _

1/5 = SmithFolk, or Nibbelunngirr, who are basically a stock of what English-speakers would generally label as ‘Dwarves’ but who reject the latter label because “Humans use it to mean beings who are smaller than is normal, but we’re really the right size so that it’s most everybody else who’s too large instead”;

1/5 = Harr’aynau, who are physically more-or-less Human (although inclined towards heavier bones & more hair than is usual for “modern” H. sapiens, but spiritually [and to a considerable extent culturally, too] Ursine instead;

1/5 = Humans (a few of whom are actually Ursomorphs, i.e. have a superficial resemblance to anthropomorphic Bears...), including the 'Human-Harr'aynau' (or 'Harr'aynau-Humans') who are close relatives to the 'Harr'aynau' but are still spiritually Human rather than Ursine;

1/5= Brocks [anthropomorphic ['European-type'] Badgers];

1/5 = assorted others: Hwa [anthropomorphic Giant Pandas], Vokkssur and Reihnarreoon and the larger Verr-Vokkssur (all of them anthropomorphic Red Foxes], Nerrarroh or SnowFoxes [anthropomorphic Arctic Foxes], Verrai (non-anthropomorphic 'Talking' [Red] Foxes), Luthrai [anthropomorphic Otters], Arrakhune [anthropomorphic Raccoons], Mau-Dhrra [anthropomorphic Red Pandas], Pherrkhurnen (anthropomorphic 'Fishers' [i.e. large Martens]), Mhrraa D'hierh [semi-anthropomorphic mammals, of a type not extant in RL, more closely related to bears and pandas than to anything else], non-anthropomorphic Ravens, non-anthropomorphic 'Eaglets', the 'Tryllfarriee' (avian-ised humanoids, created by magical genetic engineering in another Reality), the [feathered but neither avian nor avianoid] BinbonBan, and a few members of some additional species (or even, in a few cases, unique beings) as well.