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The Free Bears of Bears Armed

Bears Armed was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 124

“Do we WHAT in the woods?”

Category: Civil Rights Lovefest
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:

Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: International Democratic Union



GA Resolutions by Urrs

GA Resolution Author, as Bears Armed Mission

#87: ‘Meteorological Cooperation’. (Co-author = St Edmund.)

#168: ‘Law of the Seas’. (Co-author = Cobdenia.)

# 224: ‘Promotion of Bee-keeping’.

#267: 'Sensible Limits on Hunting'. (Co-author = Hirota.)

#295: 'Prevention of Wildfires'.

#299: 'Legal Competence'.

#301: 'Ban on Leaded Fuel'.

#421: 'Ozone Layer Protection'.

#429: 'Traditional Medicine'.

Co-Author, as Bears Armed Mission

#561: 'Protection of Apostates. (Author = Daarwyrth

Co-Author, as Bears Armed

#199: ‘Sustainable Fishing Act’. (Author = Cowardly pacifists.)
#403: 'Trade of Endangered Organisms'. (Author = Ransium.)

Additional OOC Notes

St Edmund, listed above as co-author of GA Res.#87 'Meteorological Cooperation, is actually another one of my own nations: It had pushed through an earlier version of that resolution, with the same title, back in the days of the NS-UN. It was also the author of GA Res.#20 'Suppress International Piracy', although that legislation was "proposed" to the GA by the nation of Mavenu -- which belongs to a different player -- instead, and is formally credited as the author in the area at that resolution's foot that more normally would be used for listing co-authors.