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The Technocratic Megacorp of BJMShaw

“BJMShaw is the Best person ever” BJMShaw

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
Civil Rights:
Unheard Of
Political Freedoms:
Unheard Of

Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: The United Federations

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The Technocratic Megacorp of BJMShaw is a Technocratic Megacorp. Also we are robots. We mainly sell weapons and soft/hardware. (Along with revolutions). We accept materials, power, tech and land. (Also other methods of payment).

Main article of all BJMShawian government:

The 4 ministers in order of power:
1st: Science- Holds most power, chosen by last science minister, only changes on death.
2nd: War- Holds 2nd most power, put in power by the minister of science.
3rd: Economics- Holds 2nd least power, voted by the department of science.
4th: Politics- Holds least power, voted by the people.

Government change every 5-10 years, dependent on the science minsterís choice. Exceptions are: Science minster never changes, War minster while at a successful war. Ministers can be in for as many terms as they want/can.

11 seats of power in total. 8 seats for the department of science, 1 minister of science (MOS), 1 minster of war (MOW), 6 members of the science department (MS). 3 seats for the department of politics, 1 minister of economics (MOE), 1 minister of politics (MOP), 1 members of the politics (MP).

Order of power: 1st- Minister of science, 2nd- Minister of war, 3rd- Members of the science department, 4th- Minister of economics, 5th- Minister of politics, 6th- The member of the politics department.

Death row is legal. If a minister disobeys orders from a higher up, they will be put on death row. War minister will be put on death row if surrenders. If there is an economic crisis that lasts at least 1 year the economic minister will be put on death row. If there is an environmental crisis, the politics minister will be put on death row. If corruption appears, (unless itís the science minister) they will be put on death row. If any riot/coup happens in the great nationís borders, with the exception of the conversion of this ideology, anyone involved will be put on death row.

Science minister can only change the war ministerís and their own rank 5-10 years since the last change when this happens, voting opens for the economic and the politic minister. When the minister of science dies, the minister of war becomes the minister of science.

No person can be minister of science in 2 different great nations, with the exception of puppets. When this happens, the 2 great nations merge. A minister of science can still be a minister/member of government in another great nation. Any minister/member must be sentient.