by Max Barry

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The Technocratic Megacorp of BJMShaw

“BJMShaw is the Best person ever” BJMShaw

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
Civil Rights:
Unheard Of
Political Freedoms:
Unheard Of

Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: The United Federations



The AI War

//play 51 meeting
Automatic announcement: Welcome to the 51st Minister of Science meeting.

BJMShaw-1:Highest priority issue: BJMShaw-2 has been brought to defeat by an out of control prototype of ship sized AI. Ministers of War may enter to assist with the issue. Ministers of War will come up with strategies. We may continue with the meeting.

//play 52 meeting
Automatic announcement: Welcome to the 52nd Minister of Science meeting.

//skip 30s
BJMShaw-6:... BJMShaw-2 is a higher priority.

BJMShaw-1: Ministers of War may enter to show possible strategies.

BJMShaw-War-1: We have come up with 5 strategies.

BJMShaw-1: List them.

BJMShaw-War-1: 1. Test project 3 on it. 2. Deploy gray goo. 3. Shoot it till it's destroyed. 4. Send landing crew to reclaim ship. 5. We hate this one, surrender.

BJMShaw-1:5 is out of the question, if we use a landing crew to get the prints of the AI and project 3, then build and test project 3.

BJMShaw-War-1: We believe that's a good strategy.

BJMShaw-1: Ministers of Science, cast your votes.

//skip 2h 36m
Timer: ... 2, 1.
BJMShaw-1: The time of vote casting is over. 96% yes to 4% no.

//play 53 meeting
Automatic announcement: Welcome to the 53rd Minister of Science meeting.

BJMShaw-1: We have reports that the landing crew made it off ship with more prints than previously thought was available. The construction of a large project 3 will now start on BJMShaw-1.

//play 76 meeting
Automatic announcement: Welcome to the 76th Minister of Science meeting.

BJMShaw-1: Construction of project 3 has finished. Activation will be done in 13m.

//skip 13m
Timer: ...14, 13,

//skip 10s
Timer: ...2, 1.

BJMShaw-3: Firing has began.

BJMShaw-4: Live feed of BJMShaw-2 should appear on this screen soon.

BJMShaw-3: Activation will occur in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Activated.




BJMShaw-3: BJMShaw-2 is destroyed.

BJMShaw-1: Scan it.

BJMShaw-3: It appears to be a distraction. This ship is under attack.