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The Technocratic Megacorp of BJMShaw

“BJMShaw is the Best person ever” BJMShaw

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
Civil Rights:
Unheard Of
Political Freedoms:
Unheard Of

Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: The United Federations




Date of note: 0 years after ai hive mind founding
Note type: audio
???- 'Uni have been spotted on multiple occasions seeming to pray to a religion. More research needs to be done onto it.'

Date of note: 1 year after ai hive mind founding
Note type: text
???- Brain scans on uni indicate that religion is part of their instinct, takes up 4-6% of brain power and 14-18% of a uni brain. Along with this, it appears to be very similar to Kiwism, but with one difference, they seem to believe that the CEO along with BJMShaw-1 created the uni while they were still human. Removal of the religious part of the uni's brain only made it rebellious and when put back into its cage, all of the other unis attacked it and cannibalised on it body.