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Boyne Thee Armed Forces Report: A glorious history.

Fathers, Sons, Patriots. Our nation gloriously inherits itself from our forefathers

The Military of Boyne Thee has always been a great and powerful one. We hold ourselves not only to God, but to Military service. As some inferior nations believe it is the citizens right to choose whether to serve or not. The glorious nation of Boyne Thee has given the God given right of service to each and every individual since it's inception.

BTARF|Boyne Thee Armed Forces

BTA (Boyne Thee Army)

The Army of Boyne Thee is a diverse array of Infantry combat and aerial combat styles, with main focus on on-the-ground peacekeeping and offensive combat, as well as defensive if the need arises. Currently military budget increases has allowed the Army to have an arms race with the BTMC (Boyne Thee Marine Corps) which in turn has caused an increased focus on Special Operations Forces, Missile defense strategy, Aerial Combat, Cyber Warfare, Mechanized and Motorized Combat, Information Warfare, Propaganda and Psychological Warfare. and most importantly Police and Security duties within Boyne Thee and in uncivilized lands. The Army proudly takes it's roots back to the beginning of our nations history, but of course. the Marines also claim heritage to the beginning, which on July 5th 1976 caused the battle of the blockheads. Since then the Government has taken extreme measures to ensure the rabid dogs of the Marines and the Army get along

BTMC (Boyne Thee Marine Corps)

The Marines of Boyne Thee are a specialized force that specializes in Naval and ground infantry combat, with its groundbreaking TFANG (Task Force of Air, Naval, Ground) the Marines are ready and willing to be deployed just about anywhere within a moments notice, the Marines have several programs which they take pride in, and the biggest one being it's acceptance of peoples with lower intelligence and mental/physical disabilities. Although many nations Marines are severely underdeveloped the Marines of Boyne Thee are exceptionally well funded, taking up 2/4th of the military population (1/3rd of it is comprised of the mentally challenged) This allows the Boyne Thee Military to have exceptional Maritime prowess. Naval Warfare is not the only thing the Marines do exceptionally. The TFANG allows the Marines to travel further inland like the Army, but with a lot more complaining and CO hatred. The Boyne Thee Marine Corps has committed very few war crimes in recent years, which Chaplain John Religionman was quoted saying "In recent Marine history, we've finally begun to convert the heretics not by the sword. but by the word of god!". The Marines work alongside the BTNA (Boyne Thee Navy) which allows them even further reaches to be met.

BTNA (Boyne Thee Navy)

The Navy of Boyne Thee is a rather small force, since most go to the Marines, nonetheless the navy still exceeds expectations due to a census which was conducted in order to best project Military conscripts. The Navy was founded shorty after the nation was founded, due to heretics raiding civilian vessels. What started as a ragtag group of sailors who worked in the private sector for contracts became the 3rd branch of the Armed Forces. The Navy has a distinct hierarchy which it derives from ancient Pre-Boyne Thee fishermen and sailors. By a decree from the 5th president of Boyne Thee all sailors must be from coastal towns, with thick accents and a passion for killing whales. Pipe tobacco was invented by OSC Ahab Bostony (OSC = Ole Sea Capn' a commander of whaling ships used to kill enemy whales), historical documents prove this is what he said "Oie' don't loike what yer' doin' wit' that there roll o' tobacca', use this sonny boy, oi made et' meeself frum the bones o' th' whale'". Asides from scurvy and STD's, the only casualties to ever occur is from Enemy boardings, Missiles, Kamikazi, and Whale attacks. The Navy of Boyne Thee prides itself with having the lowest casualty rates in the Military.

BTAF (Boyne Thee Air Force)

The Air Force of Boyne Thee is the laughing stock of the Armed Forces, even with an amazing track record in saving the lives of all other branches. The Air Force still manages to be a joke to the other branches, so much so that they decided to make their own Air component. The Boyne Thee government has been stated saying Honestly speaking, we have no idea why the Air Force is still around, honestly we should send them to the only place that hasn't been corrupted by heretics...SPACE!! since the ingenious declarations of Timothy Curry (Chief of Staff of the Air Force & Fancy uniform parade coalition) the government of Boyne Thee has combined a few units from the Marines and the Air Force to make the first ever BTSMC (Boyne Thee Space Marine Corps) Which is being finalized at the time of publication. Space Marine Doomslay Murderscream was quoted saying while punching a space demons face in OF COURSE WE SHOULD HAVE SPACE MARINES, HOW ELSE ARE WE GONNA KILL THE HERETICS? WITH PEACE? NO. I DIDN'T THINK SO...

At this time of publication no new things are to be reported, I'm Brother Wa-chingu, and this has been the Boyne Thee Military report of 2019. Farewell and God bless Boyne Thee!