by Max Barry

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Location: Axiom Supercluster



A short history of weaponized dinosaurs in the Coalition of North American States.

Project Hammond:
1. Alpha Rex- T. Rex with machine gun harness operated by rider.
Result: 'saur went crazy. Ate rider. Destroyed half of base.
2. Pterannabomb- Flying dinosaur with bomb sling held by claws. Unmanned.
Result: 'saurs escaped. Dropped bombs on small town. 4 deaths and 3 injured.
3. Tanklyosaurus- Anklyosaur with tank turret on top. Turret operated by humans.
Result: During combat testing, 3 (of them) wondered off and ate dinner.

Project Grant:
1. Tankylosaurus V.2.- Modified with cybernetic computer.
Result: No longer wanders off.
2. Prototype #42- Cyborg, autonomous T. Rex with fusion cannon on head.
Result: Due to glitch, destroyed an airfield with fusion cannon.
3. Mecha Rex- Cybernetic T.Rex with rider. Autonomous,butwith manual override. Arm mounted Vulcan 20mm cannon, head mounted fusion cannon, and tail mounted quad .50 cal. machine guns.
Result: Complete and utter success.

Project Dinobot:
1. Pterranabomb V.2.- Modified with cybernetic computer.
Result: No longer tries to escape.
2. Icthyoborgus- Aquatic, cybernetic dinosaur. Autonomous, with manual override. Has a rider. Has rack of torpedoes on underbelly. Laser drill/gun,operated by rider.
Result: Useful for delivering commandoes and sub hunting.
3. Diplodubus: Cyborg dinosaur transport. Two missile launchers and three machine gun turrets.
Result: Works well. May wander off to eat dinner.