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Council of State (Legislature)

The Council of State (CS) is the consultative council and parliamentary body of the UED. It was formed as per the provisions of the UED Constitution. Its main functions include:

    - passing, amending or rejecting federal draft laws including financial bills
    - examining the Annual General Budget draft law and the draft law of the final accounts
    - discussing international treaties and agreements
    - discussing general subject pertaining to the affairs of the Federation and offering recommendations

As per the Constitution, the Council of State is third of the four federal authorities. MPs hold office for four years from the date of its first meeting, and represents the entire population of the UED and not merely the emirate, which that member represents in the CS.

The Constitution further states that members of the CS shall not be accountable for any opinions or views they express while performing their duties in the CS or in the committees. It also provides that when the Council is in session, and in cases other than flagrant delict, no criminal measures may be taken against any of its members except with the authorization of the CS. Should such measures be taken when the Council is not in session, it should be notified thereof.

The CS' 16th legislative chapter convened in November 2015 where eight women were appointed; equalling to 20 per cent of the total membership. The next general election is due to take place in November 2019.


According to the Constitution, the CS shall have 40 members. The number of seats assigned to each emirate is proportionate to its population as follows:

    Jeddah-Mecca - 8 seats (Pop. 9,557,766)
    Abu Dhabi - 6 seats (Pop. 6,886,458)
    Dammam - 6 seats (Pop. 5,900,325)
    Riyadh - 4 seats (Pop. 5,176,654)
    Dubai - 4 seats (Pop. 5,120,980)
    Kuwait - 4 seats (Pop. 4,227,904)
    Jizan - 2 seats (Pop. 3,779,422)
    Medina - 2 seats (Pop. 2,132,679)
    Ha'il - 2 seats (Pop. 1,308,475)
    Tabuk - 2 seats (Pop. 910,030)

    1. Dr. Layla Al-Sheribani, Abu Dhabi - Speaker of the Council of State
    2. Hamad Sharif Bin Ghalita
    3. Saeed Nasser Al Tunaiji
    4. Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Arri
    5. Sultan Gareeb Al Samahi
    6. Afra Essa Al Ali
    7. Mona Jassim Al Owais
    8. Mohammed Rashid Al Ali
    9. Ahmed Obaid Al Shaahi
    Abu Dhabi
    10. Salem Mohammed Al Tunaib
    11. Ali Saeed Al Mubarak
    12. Thiab Fahd Bin Jassim
    13. Abdulaziz Khalfia Al Zaabi
    14. Saeed Hamad Al Ketbi
    15. Mohammed Ahmed Al Jarwan
    16. Jassim Abdulmalik AlKareem
    17. Humaid bin Sultan Al Maliki
    18. Saif Khalid Al Rashid
    19. Amna Saeed Al Huwaia
    20. Hamed Hassen Bin Khalfan
    21. Rasheed Abdulmalik
    22. Jamal Al Ahli
    23. Moza bint Faisal Al Abri
    24. Khalifa Sultan Bin Mohammed
    25. Saeed Al Tayer
    26. Abdullatif Al Futtaim
    27. Rashid bin Thani Al Falasi
    28. Abdullah bin Jassim Al Ghurair
    29. Omar Alghanim
    30. Jaber Mubarak Al Ahmed
    31. Hussein Abdulsalam
    32. Sattam Al Ahmed
    33. Mohammed bin Nasser Al Khawan
    34. Farhan Al Sarawat
    35. Khalid Al Taher
    36. Jumaa Al Abdullah
    37. Ibrahim Al-Rashid
    38. Maryam Al Rashid
    39. Fahd Al Sultan
    40. Khadija Al Hambal