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The United Emirates of Diadochi

“لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله”

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Geographic Regions of the Emirates

Regions of the United Emirates of Diadochi

When King Ahmed united the Emirates of the Arabian Peninsula and founded the United Emirates of Diadochi, he selected from amongst his own family the governors of each individual emirate. He designated his five brothers each an Emirate to govern, and also appointed his three brothers-in-law. When Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah passed in 1992, Saeed bin Khalid, second son of Khalid bin Rashid, was designated Emir.

King Ahmed appointed his maternal uncle Sheikh Ahmed as Emir of Abu Dhabi, UED's second most important region, fearing a power grab should it have gone into the hands of one of his brothers. Upon Sheikh Ahmed's death in 1983, the governorship mandate passed to his son, Sheikh Saif bin Ahmed.


    - Special Administrative Region of Jeddah-Mecca, Governor: HM King Sultan bin Ahmed Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Governor: HRH Emir Sheikh Ahmed bin Sultan Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Dammam, Governor: HH Emir Sheikh Khalid bin Rashid Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Riyadh, Governor: HH Emir Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Dubai, Governor: HH Emir Sheikh Essa bin Rashid Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Kuwait, Governor: HH Emir Sheikh Salman bin Rashid Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Jizan, Governor: HH Emir Sheikh Saeed bin Khalid Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Medina, Governor: HH Emir Sheikh Rashid bin Saud Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Ha'il, Governor: HRH Emir Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Subaai
    - Emirate of Tabuk, Governor: Emir Sheikh Mansour bin Abdullah Al Subaai