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The United States of East Asylla Pan

“God, Homeland, Liberty”

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History of East Asylla Pan

Monarchial Period

Once a grand monarchy known as the Kingdom of East Asylla Pan was a great and beautiful domain. It was run by the el Esour family of the now annexed West Asylla Pan. Known for its lush greenery, mountains, and massive waterfalls while also having an elite highway infrastructure and the latest technologies East Asylla Pan was once noted as one of the most beautiful and advanced nations in the world. The late Queen Asylla Mae el Esour VI ruled the nation with an iron fist. She commanded one of the most powerful militaries ever known, and foreign invaders often cowered in fear at the simple though of invading the country. Though the country was safe and the economy thrived Queen Asylla was not without fault.

After years of seeing their queen drive a different exotic car every day while citizens of the country were only permitted bicycles as their form of transportation; citizens began to become skeptical of their ruling body. Outcry ensued and a federal investigation into the royal family was launched. From there it was discovered the royal family had been embezzling billions of government funds to fund their lavish lifestyle. After this revelation was made known to the public. The royal family fled the country and was never heard from again.

Since then a deep discord has struck the country for decades. One side sympathizing with the royal family whom believed since the country was always in great shape there was no real reason to hate them. On the other side being those who deeply opposed the royal family. Because of this, countless riots had broken out in the country between the two sides.

Democratic Regime

After years of discourse and confusion and the feeble attempts at takeovers of the country the once great Kingdom of East Asylla Pan still stood. Top officials decided a new form of government was needed to get their once great country back to the top. It was decided that a democracy would be the way for the country to regain status. The name was also changed to the United States of East Asylla Pan.

East Asylla Pan has gone through many changes to regain their footing in this world, but through their new found democracy and their resilience to rebuild they have no doubt that they will one day regain favor next to their counterparts.

Three official political parties have formed in the country due to this new found democracy. A party with more liberal ideals born from the opposers of the royal family known as the Democratic Millenium. Another party of Royal sympathizers with slightly more conservative ideals known as Royal Conservatives. The third party being Independents.

So far two elections have been held thus far in the country. The first president served for 5 years and brought the country to where it is today. A recent election chose the next president President Constance Valeria was just elected this year at the age of 30 years old. She hopes to bring a bright future to the country and bring in more citizens.


Once a monarchy with a heavy military presence East Asylla Pan has now transitioned into a democratic state. Now a Democratic Centrist society The United States of East Asylla Pan seeks to foster acceptance, equity, and civil rights. Due to the still present discord in the country some of the military ideologies still have made their mark on government policies. With a lot to learn the United States of East Asylla Pan hope to be progressive as well as a new home for some.