by Max Barry

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The Empire of Ekonia

“Para las personas. Para el estado”

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Regional Influence: Sprat

Location: The North Pacific



The Foundation of Ekonia

Our forefathers the "Americans", as they once called themselves, saw their world crumbling around them. Pollution was reaching an all-time high, political tensions were unbearable, and the Hut was out pizza-ed. From the ashes the great founding father, Alexandar Domino Jackson led a small band of followers to what is now Ekonia.

Once the successful colony was established Ekonia immediately began to flourish. Although Saint Jackson was flawless in his actions when establishing Ekonia, the flaws brought in from the old days continued to plague the young nation. The young rebellious leader Papa John (who was the culprit behind out pizza-ing the Hut) decided to sow his seeds of destruction in the young Empire.

The Empire began to fade until one day Sir Halefire Bean rid Ekonia from the plague of democracy and established the long-lasting regime we hail to today.

Glory to the Empire
Glory to Sir Bean
Glory to Saint Jackson
Glory to God