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Hello all.

As you all are aware, I have been unwinding my activity on NationStates due to a recent family issue. It has gotten worse. It is with deep regret that I inform everyone in the communities I am a part of, NS Sports, WorldVision and NSG Senate that I resign from all of my responsibilities with immediate effect. This is a decision I haven't taken lightly. Just know that I will be back at some future point in time. Just.... not now. If I do participate in any roleplay in the future, please know that it will be in a limited capacity, and such moments may be fleeting. Thank you all so much for being such a great community. I know I have made some great friends here, and it's been a pleasure writing roleplays and interacting with other people. That's what makes this website so great.

For me my highlights of the time on Nationstates were:
* Hosting so many things, like basketball, tennis, the World Cup and the Olympics. My first post ever on these forums were to sign up for the Winter Olympics. It's been a personal goal of mine to host it, and I'm glad to say I did it.
* Winning the World Cup. It was an unexpected victory, but one I am grateful for.
* Writing songs for Gertrude Pullman. I seriously have always made myself laugh when writing her songs, and I'm sure you did too.
* Winning and Hosting WorldVision. I squeaked through by one point when I won it, and I am glad to have won it once after so many third places! Similarly hosting the WorldVision was hard work, but it was truly a labour of love.
* Creating parties on NSGS. Attempting a coup of Calaverde. Meeting a likeminded bunch of politically active teenagers. Loved it.
* Actually, I would say all of my highlights on Nationstates were pretty much every moment. You all mean so much to me. I am grateful to have been given leadership roles on NS. And I'm sorry I have to let them go.

I will still be contactable on electrumnationstates (AT) hotmail (DOT) com. I will also still be on IRC and Discord. If you're close to me, ask for my Facebook and I'll give it to you.

Farewell for now, but not forever.