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The John Lennon Utopia of Forever Fields

Forever Fields was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 171

“Let me take you down Cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields”

Category: Left-wing Utopia
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Regional Influence: Truckler

Location: Hippy Haven



Z Day Protocol

The Zombie Apocalypse Approaches!

"In this life now you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill."
~The Governor~

~Count Down~
~Zombie Radio~

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
By Forever Fields AKA Neo Nibu

I. Begin Reaching the Cure ASAP! Ideally you're gonna wanna be online for Z day as close to the start as possible, and begin researching the cure. Z day runs for 36 hours, so if you arrive within the first 12 hrs you should research the cure.

Cure stages
1) Research begun
2) Some early promising results
3) Potential antibodies discovered
4) Live prototypes developed
5) Developed; some distribution issues
6) Partially deployed
7) Distributing to infected

The longer you research the Cure, the more "cure points" your nation will accumulate.
Nations gain 1 cure point per million survivors per round that you've had the "Research Cure" option activated.
The larger your nation is the more effective you'll be in researching the cure.

***When curing nations, it's best to start by curing small nations first, a nation of 5 million only takes 5 cure missiles. Once a nation is fully cured it rarely gets infected again, making them good foundations in reducing the over all infection level within the region.

II. Mobilize your Military if you arrive late to Z day and things are a mess! If you get here late, less than 24 hrs remaining and your nation is particularly infected, the military may be a better option. Short term killing them is more effective and can keep you afloat at the cost of a high death rate. We wanna keep deaths at a minimum as we will eventually be able to cure Zombies, no bringing the dead back. If enough of our people survive we might make the Z Day Score Board!

Last year's Z Day Score Board

III. Don't Export Zombies!! As a region we wanna see if we can survive Z day, if you choose the join the Zombies option you will hinder our effectiveness and likely annoy fellow residents. This may result in you getting temporarily booted from the region, so please don't spoil our fun.

If you particularly wanna join the Zombies, make use of a secondary nation!
Check out Zombieland for all your pro-Zombie fun.

IV. A password will be put in place on Z day. I know many people move in and out of their region on Z day, but the best way to prevent outside Zombie regions attacking us is by putting up a password. If you leave the region it will be hard to get you back, and you may have to wait till the end of the event. So please try not to leave the region, use a secondary nation.

V. You can attack with multiple nations at a time!! Yes what many people don't realize is, you can log into one nation per internet browser.

The three main ones being:
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Log into a different nation on each one, line them up side by side on your screen and you can rotate between the three. While one is cool downing down, you can attack with another.

Hammering away with three or more nations will greatly increase your effectiveness. This will also allow you to participate in multiple regions, and a chance to fight the Zombies on one nation while joining the Zombies on another.

Now your ready to...