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[*] King Arsène Rodier

King of Gagium & its Commonwealths
Arsène Rodier

Photo of King Arsène Rodier, 2018

King of Gagium


His Royal Majesty


2000 20 years


March 1, 2000


August 4, 1976 (a. 43)


Marina Rodier (a. 42)


Adélie Rodier (a. 19)
Francis Rodier (a. 19)

Full Name

Arsène Maron Rodier




Manuel Rodier Jr.


Éva Rodier


Dornes University


Christianity (Lutheranism)

Arsène Maron Rodier (born August 4, 1976) is the 9th and current King of Gagium and its Commonwealths. He was born to Manuel and Éva Rodier, and was raised in Laurillac by his family for the role of King. Arsène attended Dornes University after twelve years being privately educated in Laurillac Palace, where he majored in Architecture. Arsène graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in 1998.

A year later, Arsène married his current wife, Marina, while he was prince. Arsène Rodier ascended to the role of King in 2000 at the age of 24 after his father passed away in Visconte Hospital. Later that year, Arsène and Marina had their only children, Adélie and Francis. Rodier recognized his role as a constitutional figurehead and head of state only, and advocated against absolutism and royal intervention in government as King.

During King Arsène's rule, he has been praised for responding to natural disasters by visiting and assisting recovery crews on the ground. He has also vastly abstained from popular politics and endorsing political parties, though sources have identified Arsène Rodier as a traditionalist conservative. In 2020, Arsène visited Gladesville, where he signed an agreement greatly strengthening ties between the two nations.








Early Life





Political Views
Arsène Rodier is a traditional conservative by Gagiumish standards, supporting aristocratic institutions and the continued existence of the Monarchy. Rodier supports limited government intervention in certain economic sectors (Largely the arms manufacturing industry) while supporting free market domination in nearly all service industries and the economy overall. He also supports Gagiumish hegemony over Stratea, immigration controls and limited rights for immigrants (With the exception of those from the Polish Prussian Commonwealth), and continued granting of titles of nobility to military officers and those who serve the nation. Rodier is against raising the federal minimum wage, national gov-sponsored healthcare, increased welfare, authoritarianism, and socialism.

Despite general support for the Aristocracy, prominent members of Gagium's nobility have expressed dissatisfaction with Rodier's policies, as have serfs (Who view Rodier as an elitist King) and social democrats (Who view Rodier as too right-wing).

King Rodier is largely secular, believing that religion should play little role in the Gagiumish government's functions. Arsène is a Lutheran Christian like his parents, however, and attends church somewhat regularly at the Laurillac Palace Chapel. Rodier has vocally spoken out against religious terrorism in the past, though he has also reportedly made comments about the dangers of atheism and non-belief in God.

Foreign Policy
Arsène Rodier is against socialist, fascist, and communist nations (Especially Tesyky). Rodier supports increased ties with longtime Gagiumish allies, such as Furbish Islands and Polish Prussian Commonwealth, as well as other nations, such as Gladesville. Despite previously supporting amicable relations with Greater bastion and even The COT Corporation, relations with both nations rapidly deteriorated in late 2019 and 2020 after a string of escalations across the globe resulted in the ongoing Stratean War.

Arsène is believed to be a moderate interventionist and a staunch supporter of expanding Gagiumish influence and presence worldwide.
Titles, styles, and honours

Arsène is typically referred to as His Royal Majesty, though His Royal Majesty the King may also be used in certain government documents. His full title in Gagium is His Majesty Arsène II, King of the United Commonwealths, Marches, Free Cities, and Territories of Gagium. Rodier is Sovereign of the Order of Romieu, Sovereign of the Order of Honorable Merit, and Chief Commander of the Armed Forces of Gagium.

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