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National Flag

The United Commonwealths of Gagium

“Deo Confidimus”

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Civil Rights:
Very Good
Political Freedoms:
Very Good

Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: The League of Conservative Nations



[CLASSIFIED] Gagium Colonies/Territories and Puppet States

The conservative army
The confederate army
Not Gagium

Gagium east africa
Gagium mars
Gagium south west africa
Gagium west africa

Gagium micronesia
Gagium New Guinea
Gagium bismarck archipelago
Gagium jiaozhou
Gagium institute for curing

Gns cv agen
Gns cv allen

Gns s01
Gns s02
Gns s03
Gns s04
Gns s05
Gns s06
Gns s07
Gns s08
Gns s09

Gns d01
Gns d02
Gns d03
Gns d04
Gns d05
Gns d06
Gns d07
Gns d08
Gns d09
Gns d10
Gns d11
Gns d12
Gns d13
Gns d14
Gns d15

Gns f01
Gns f02
Gns f03
Gns f04
Gns f05
Gns f06
Gns f07
Gns f08
Gns f09
Gns f10
Gns f11
Gns f12
Gns f13
Gns f14
Gns f15

Gagium af command
Gagiumish army
Gagiumish navy
Gagiumish airforce
Gagiumish coast guard

Gagium card outpost i
Gagium card outpost ii
Gagium card outpost iii
Gagium card outpost iv
Gagium card outpost v
Gagium card outpost vi