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That one time the FCN's RMB was closed

On this day, March 6, 2018, the regional message board of the Federation was closed due to several reasons, including the constant flaming of Freezic vast, and the replies of Gagium, Colorado-kansas, and Roc 22nd drop troopers. The constant flaming from Freezic Vast primarily, with some on our side, caused moderator intervention, with the moderator entering and posting, "Coffee break while I review the RMB folks."

The flaming onFreezic vast's side included outrageous claims and comments, such as, "Oh go back to whipping your slaves and gassing the Jews you racist, we're sick of your attitude on our server and our RMB.", "Yeah Christian in what way, all you do is spout off lies, and spread your ethno-nationalist, far-right wing ideology of whipping blacks and making them slaves and call anyone who doesn't agree with you a commie f*g.", "Shut your f*cking racist mouth you motherf*cker. How can Dobrobyt put up with your racist shenanigans I'll never know, because you are by far the worst, THE WORST member on NS that I have ever had the audacity to speak with ever." when told to leave...and it goes on. These comments were later suppressed by the moderators on the RMB.

Roc 22nd drop troopers, on the other side, used a bot to write 'mock' posts of Freezic's post, also getting suppressed by the mods for his activity.

At the moment, no posts other than those by Freezic Vast and RoC have been suppressed. As the RMB is still closed, and the situation is still progressing, I will keep you informed on any updates.

UPDATE: Freezic vast has recieved a 3 day 'cone of silence' and Roc 22nd drop troopers a 7 day 'cone of silence' from the moderators.