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The Republic of Grand Kingdom of Zilean Empire

“Unity, Discipline, Work”

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Location: the South Pacific



Archives - Vol 1 - Settlement

The Land that would be claimed by Empire was discovered in early 16th Century by several old world countries but only 1 of them show some interest in adding it to their assets.
Thus enter Our Founder, John Zarkon a highly skilled educated naval officer, who conducted several voyages over 15 years to map and chart this area before announcing that he will take 5 ships loaded with supplies and personnel to establish an new community at place he named Port Jameson (this is where Modern Atlantis is located).
They arrived at PJ in 1535 on May 17 (now called National Day), there was 560 people on board all volunteers willing to embark on a adventure of a life time.
Supplies were unloaded over next week as temporary buildings were erected to allow plans to be drawn up and meetings held.
These people would become to be known officially as native tribe since John had already done some exploring on previous voyages to find NO Humans around this area just bit of light forest with small harmless animals that scare easily.
More permanent structures were soon built out of local trees (that are soft wood so simple to work with) but it was several years before could make bricks or do mining.