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Hassett: A History through Flags

On the 11th of September, 2009, a newly fledging republic was born out of the ashes of a Great War. This war led to the formation of the Former United States and it is here, on what used to be called "Florida," that the Republic of Hassett was created. But like all nations, Hassett was as dynamic as its current flag, and what better way to tell its history than through the flags itself? This Factbook will show how Hassett has changed from a small republic to the Galactic Empire and finally to the Anarchic Paradise it is today.

Humble Beginnings

The preceding flag was the very first flag that flew over the land of the Republic. Right from the very beginnings, the flag was composed from a blue half, a red half, and a large "H." These three elements undoubtedly played a large part in the formation of Hassett's future flags. "H" obviously represents Hassett, the name of the new nation and its President, in which the nation was named after, President Hassett. Hassett led what used to be Florida through the Great War and it was for this reason, the people of the nation gladly voted him as President and named the nation after him. The Red represents the Republic's aggression and passion for war. Meanwhile, the blue represents the peace of the nation, and its economic strength. These factors will hold true throughout the nation's history and many flags.

However, that particular flag would not last long. Hassett would change its flag frequently within its first month of being its own nation. The following flags would not be significant until Hassett's first cross flag.

Early Flags

The Cross Flag

Finally, as the Republic of Hassett slowly gained power and recognition, the nation finally found a flag that it would maintain for a while. The unique cross design of the red and blue accurately represent the nation's growing power. Additionally, Hassett's leader was slowly gaining power as well; through the Senate, he successfully named himself President for Life. This flag would prove pivotal in the nation's history and future flags may be based off this one.

Many other flag designs were tested after this, but none would prove important until the first Anarchy movement in the nation.

From a Republic to Anarchy


The Republic had been fairing pretty well, but people were soon getting upset with the government. It started with small protests and peace marches, but it slowly grew. The president was growing worried, so he began removing all government regulation. The country of Hassett would soon grow into chaos. People no longer respected other people, they did whatever they want. President Hassett and his top military and government advisors went into hiding. No one ever saw him and many citizens had guessed he had been assassinated. He was actually planning his military coup back into power. As to the flag, it completely lacked the color blue, which signified the peace of the nation. This obviously represented the complete chaos that had swept into power.

The following flag was used briefly during the strongest part of the Anarchic movement. The flag following that was the flag Former President Hassett used to get back in power.

A Return to Order

Rise of the Empire

The military coup Hassett staged was successful, he quickly and efficiently gained control of the nation again and restored peace to the country. The citizens once again praised their leader for ending the terror that they themselves caused. Nonetheless, it is during this time that Hassett declared himself the Emperor of Hassett and the nation would soon grow to a powerful Empire. Citizen moral was very high and the economy of the Empire rapidly grew very strong, arguably the strongest in the Former United States. As to the flag, Hassett's top engineers (realizing the need to return the balance that red and blue represented on the nation's flag) created a highly advanced microfiber which bends light to whatever desired color. This technology would soon be found in all of the Empire's flags and the color of the cross would constantly switch from red to blue.

After a few years, the Empire of Hassett was quickly becoming technologically advanced. Emperor Hassett felt a revised flag was needed and the following flags were briefly used. Notice how they allude to the first cross flag.

An Attempt to Modernize

The Galactic Empire

Recently, the Empire of Hassett chose the previous flag to fly above its land. Like most of the previous flags, it maintains the red and blue colors and has an "H" representing Hassett. It also uses the same color changing technology that the previous popular flag used. Meanwhile, the Empire had grown quite powerful and influential. Using the remains of Kennedy Space Center, and technology that Hassett's top engineers provided, the Empire expanded into the final frontier. Now a Galactic Empire, Hassett has successfully explored most of our solar system and has several artificial satellites and rockets headed to nearby stars. The Galactic Emperor's number one goal for the nation presently is to reach other galaxies and discover other advanced life forms.

The Galactic Anarcho-Capitalists

After establishing a world-renowned influence in space, the emperor gradually started releasing its laws and regulations. Allowing the nation to become a true anarcho-capitalist country, the natural laws of economics now rule Hassett. The remaining state is rather small, focusing only on courts and military and defense. The flag, while similar in design to the previous flag, completely lacks the red and blue that easily identified Hassett in the past. Replacing it is the black and gold of anarcho-capitalism. The Galactic Anarcho-Capitalists of Hassett is now a solar-system spanning nation with one of the strongest economies known to Earth.

Anarchic Paradise
While still using the same flag, the nation of Hassett is now officially recognized as an anarchic paradise. The state has completely vanished as the private sector has taken control of the nation. Citizens enjoy the highest political, economic, and civil freedoms in the Former United States.

Experimental Flags
These flags have not flown over Hassett's land.