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The Constitution of The United Cities of Illichiana

I. All legislative and executive powers shall be given to the current chancellor.
II. All judicial power will be granted to a single Supreme Court, and small, regional courts.
III. The judges serving on the Supreme Court shall be appointed by the chancellor.
IV. The regional judges shall be appointed by the governors of the respective city.
VI. The chancellor has the power to veto any decision made by a judge or any other government figure.
VI. The governor of any city shall be appointed by the current chancellor. The current governor may step down, and will be replaced with another governor, appointed by the chancellor.
VII. Any citizen who commits a crime and flees to another city, is required to be extradited to the city where the citizen comitted the crime.
VIII. The current chancellor shall rule for life, unless he/she chooses to step down. In the event of a step down, the chancellors oldest heir shall take the role of emperor.
IX. An heir shall be considered as a close family member. The hierarchy shall go: Child, Brother/Sister, Cousin, Nephew/Neice. If none of these are fit to serve or above the age of 25 then the governor of the capital city shall become emperor.
X. The emperor shall be commander in chief of the Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Gaurd, National Gaurds of any city, and any new branch of the military that should arise in the future.
XI. Cities shall be required to share any information requested on a citizen by another city.
XII. If a neighboring city manages to win their independence, they may request to be annexed. The chancellor will then decide what shall happen. All new cities are given the same rights as existing ones.
XIII. The national language shall be English and Latin. The national flag shall be the flag of Indiana with the leftmost deer from Michigan’s flag on the left, with the eagle from Illinois’ flag to be on the right side. The national anthem shall be Canon in D by Johann Pachbell. The maxim of Illichiana shall be “Please Don’t”
XIV. All citizens shall be required to know English and Latin at at least a fourth grade level of proficiency.
XV. All citizens shall be granted the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble.
XVI. Every citizen has the right to bear arms, barring any prior prison sentences, or current mental illnesses.
XVII. Every citizen has the right to not be searched without a warrant, unless by a federal agency.
XVIII. All citizens have to right to a trial by a gubernatoriallay appointed judge.
XIX. No person shall ever be enslaved, or be owned by another. If one owns slaves, they shall be given the death sentence.