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Kawastyselir: A Nation from Diverse Inspiration

Kawastyselir's compositional framework of institutions derives its inspiration from multiple sources of real-life nations. The nation that is most essential to the existence of Kawastyselir, its politics, and its cultural and religious institutions is the Iroquois Confederacy/League (namely, "Confederacy" in its political affairs and "League" in its cultural affairs.) Though not considered an official country to this day by the international community, the Iroquois (also the Haudenosaunee) were an original alliance of five distinct American Indian nations that joined together for several hundred years in the Northeastern American and Southeastern Canadian region. The idea of bringing warring nations together to forgo their historical discord and brute conflicts and genuinely live in peace among each other is—and should be—the ultimate objective of all types of communities. And lest we forget, the enduring culture of the Iroquois people is something to be admired. Despite the adversity that European colonies, and later the American Revolution, induced upon the assemblage of these diverse cultures, the Grand Council of chiefs that comprise the allied tribes still meet and discuss political matters relevant to their position in the world. I consider Kawastyselir to be a nation that not merely endured and survived an international revolution on its homeland, but ascended and defeated its invaders and adversaries to become an officially recognized confederation in the international community—essentially who the Iroquois people are today in formal diplomatic capacity.

In terms of its economy, I imagine Kawastyselir to be mostly aligned with the social democratic policies of Scandinavian countries, one with a strong welfare state to compliment the failings and abuses of capitalism. Although, with an income tax rate per GDP of over 98%, Kawastyselir is perhaps a bit hyperbolized in its reflection of what a decent social democracy should be like. Nevertheless, my respect for nations that endeavor to take care of the health and prosperity of its people runs deep. A nation like the one I imagine Kawastyselir to be, one with a heterogeneous assortment of peoples (tribes of hunter-gatherers, pastoralists, and horticulturalists, as well as the modern forms of civilizations grouped in metropolises) must accommodate for the inevitable discrepancies in its economic output. It's also the reason a confederation of sovereign states is probably better suited to account for the differences in cultural and political policies of each tribe.

Lastly, Kawastyselir's physical geography would be something akin to the combination of the islands of Japan and New Zealand. In fact, as a side note, the flag of Kawastyselir invokes undertones of the flag of Japan, modified to represent each of the ten sovereign states around one nation. Its lemon yellow core gives an impression of both the intense sunlight and flower blossoms that sprinkle throughout the land. The light green and blue protrusions are obvious reflections of green forests, rivers (a close translation to 'kawa' in Japanese language, inadvertently relating to Kawastyselir), and oceans that surround it. Like these countries, I envision the landscape to be a few island chains primarily made up of smooth sandy beaches, rugged mountain ranges bestriding temperate broadleaf forests, and open field valleys reposed in mild weather. A landscape that in some ways mirrors and defines the potpourri of its peoples, cultures, and policies.