by Max Barry

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The Representative Republic of Margandy


Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: Lazarus



The Originals

The territories were formed from brutal clashes of the five tribes. The Southern tribe, TEHN and the Western tribe AHREZ, were united. The Northern tribe MICHEG and the Eastern tribe IHWA, were somewhat united. The central region. MARHJA, a relatively peaceful and neutral land which eventually became the battleground. Many despots vied for rule and deceived each other for power and wealth. IHWA , the agrarian hub, with her fertile plains, often clashed with the livestock rich AHREZ. The industrious MICHEG, had always fought for the mineral rich lands of TEHN.

All territories were ruled by kings. Many lands were gained and lost throughout these conflicts. Often MARHJA was in the crossfire. After the death of the king of MARHJA, the prince was to be the successor. Prince often conspired with friendly and enemy lands and factions to his and his inner circle's advantage. MARHJA was losing land. Often his sister, the princess challenged her brother was now king. The first of any woman to address the treatment and condition of the people. She would challenge him not for the crown, but for the voice of the common people. Laughingly the prince agreed, knowing the folk would submit to his superiority. The princess offered the people more ability to have more involvement with political and social matters. The prince was infuriated when news flowed that the people favored the princess. The prince realized the contest was not in his favor, and subdued the all dissidents and exiled his sister along with other royal members who supported her. Those who could not flee were imprisoned or executed.

While in exile, the princess called to all who would listen. The Prince and his allies unleashed a mighty fury upon the land. Enemies also partook to the advantage The princess defended the land as best as she could. The princess soon capitulated all the land she once acquired. The land fell to the prince and the enemy. The Princess went into hiding. She was now an outcast. The young girl grew up torn between her bequeathed royalty and others endless serfdom. Dual societies would forge her life. She spent her young life being loved and hated by both the royal family and the people. She was educated very well, by her father and especially her mother.

Her mother taught her compassion, faith and resolve. Her father taught her loyalty, strength and courage.