by Max Barry

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The Most Serene Eco-Republic of Middle Barael

“Knowledge, Nature, Peace, and Order make a Golden Age”

Category: Democratic Socialists
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Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: Forest



Meaning of the name Middle Barael

Barael means “God is my creator”. Barael was an angemon (Half angel, half demon) from Baraelan legend. He created and used magical technology and architecture that without magic would be impossible, and had many adventures along the way. During the Medival Era, the mainland part of what’s now Middle Barael came to be known as “the Land of Barael”, much in the same way that Israel is named after the individual Israel (aka Jacob) or how the Amazon rainforest was named after the Amazon warriors.

“Middle” is in the name for two reasons. Firstly, the leaders of Cothon refused to have the new country be named Barael, since they felt it would erase Cothon. Secondly, we wanted to show our neutrality, as well as how we are not the future nor the past, as we make our future and remember the past, but ultimately are always in the present.

And thus we are “The Most Serene Eco-Republic of Middle Barael.”