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The Most Serene Eco-Republic of Middle Barael

“Knowledge, Nature, Peace, and Order make a Golden Age”

Category: Democratic Socialists
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Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: Forest



The Geography of Middle Barael

Middle Barael consists of a mainland section and a large barrier island, called Cothon, as well as many smaller barrier islands surrounding the big one. The mainland is South of Kuch, North of Sean Fiobha, Southwest of Mowte, and West of Roless. Our capital city is Scania. Scania is located in the north-central part of the mainland section of Middle Barael, relatively far from the coast. It is full of beautiful deciduous forests, parks, and palaces made of marble and limestone. Middle Baraelís primate city, however, is Cothon City, a major cosmopolitan city located on Cothon. Cothon City is centered on an onion-domed shaped Cothon, or circular man-made harbor. Middle Barael City is the third biggest city, located a bit northeast of Scania. Middle Barael City is home to the Diplomat's Precinct. Other smaller cities include Domiceli, also known as Dom, the city of Bigtopian immigrants, and itís suburb Nevurn, full of Maxtopians, Bellamonte, the city of romantics, Terevan, Minerva, Nava, Calisota, and Kāridohi on the isle of Garydos. Middle Barael is almost completely in the Mediterranean climate zone, and as such it is full of beautiful coastlines, lush forests and groves full of fruit trees, and perfect weather year round. Middle Barael has three main rivers: the So, the Shun, and the Triartyve. Our national animal is the Puma, which frolics across Middle Baraelís lush groves.

Map of the Middle Barael (WIP)