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The Most Serene Eco-Republic of Middle Barael

“Knowledge, Nature, Peace, and Order make a Golden Age”

Category: Democratic Socialists
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Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: Forest



International Relations and the Diplomat’s Precinct of Middle Barael City

The Diplomat’s Precinct of Middle Barael City is a district of Middle Barael City full of embassies, consulates-general, Grand-Embassies, and other Diplomatic Buildings, as well as the Diplomat’s Quarters and part of the west wing of the Government Palace in Middle Barael City. There is also a synagogue, botanical gardens complete with a large humane zoo and aquarium, and a pluralistic multi-denominational Temple of Thought, where Baraelim of all faiths (or no faith) can pray, debate, sing, learn, talk, and more.

International Agreements and Accords
One World Climate Alliance

Middle Baraelan Grand Embassies in Foreign Countries:
Dr. Andoni “Tuna-Fish” Salomi to Gandenia (city of Ganden)
Dr. Greta Mayarissdottir to BEKM (Specifically in the Constituent Country of Esitonia)
Dr. Leera Morganthau to Mowte (city of Kloraus Tet)
Ari Karlstein to The Order of Malah (to Nyedosht City)
Dr. Marie Borgenicht to Eco-Fardelshufflestein (city of Evergreen Fort, a.k.a Enu Falapa)
Dr. Fel Noir to Cat-Herders United (city of El Pueblo Unido)
Fmr. Archbishop Vincent Francis Venez de Medici to Estados Vaticanos (city of Rome)
Lauren Marseille (the Ambassador at the Embassy)to -Astoria (city of Footscray)
-Bryn Wesleyan (the Consul at the Consulate) to -Astoria (city of Ceirtryn)
Eden bint Ramon al-Baghdadi umm Sharona to Springmont
Aiama Adriatica del Bellamonte to Montevento
Irene Fischer to East Skirsburg

Foreign Grand Embassies in Middle Barael (All in Middle Barael City)
Melcheh Yashahat and Nuyech Chaise from Gandenia (They are co-ambassadors)
Lutton “Lutti” Vishemon from BEKM
Up "Hope" Rebyatse from Mowte
Jae-young Hohenzollern from The Order of Malah
Ana Adafeha from Eco-Fardelshufflestein
Dr. Bartholowmew Gathwick from Cat-Herders United
Samael Papst from Estados Vaticanos
Kelly Yamashita from -Astoria
Austin Goldfingers from Springmont
Rossana Bordonaro from Montevento
Oskar Blunt from East Skirsburg

Embassies and Consulates-General
Ransium Embassy
Novian Republics Embassy
Window Land Consulate-General
Turbeaux Embassy
Lura Consulate-General
Feladria Consulate-General
Anachronolandia Consulate-General
Ruinenlust Embassy
Ownzone Consulate-General
Bakwaas Consulate-General
Kinectia Embassy
Effazio Consulate-General
Deontologia Consulate-General
Verdant Haven Embassy
Groenwald Consulate-General
Burkhai Consulate-General
Cat-Herders United Embassy
Grand Gandenia Embassy
Pen Blanityion Consulate-General
Atsvea Embassy
The Young Ur Embassy
New Ladavia Consulate-General
McClandia Doge 2 Embassy
Chan Island Consulate-General
Girelna Consulate-General
Tscharva Consulate-General
Hyon Delta Consulate-General
Canaltia Consulate-General
North Doyooni Consulate-General
Dwardossa Consulate-General
New Kvenland Consulate-General
BEKM Embassy (Successor to Gandenia)
Roless Embassy
Paplia Embassy
Heidgaudr Consulate-General
Rivienland Embassy
The Void Territories Consulate-General
Eaven Consulate-General
Chilledsville Consulate-General
Entitize Consulate-General
Crowacia Consulate-General
Julunaphra Consulate-General
Hoochlandia consulate-general
Simbolon Consulate-General
Kawastysellir Consulate-General
Love and Nature Embassy
Frieden-und Freudenland Embassy
Candlewhisper Archive Consulate-General
Uan aa Boa Consulate-General
The Most Serene Republicans Consulate-General
Kannap Consulate-General
Garbelia Consulate-General
Blue Nagia Consulate-General
Kepler-0085 Consulate-General
Einswenn Embassy
The Cypher Nine Embassy
Ypogegrammeni Consulate-General
Daarwyth Consulate-General
New Ladavia Consulate-General
Ordealius Consulate-General
Cuillin Consulate-General

Monuments and Other Specialized Buildings
Monument for the World Assembly at the Embassy of Ruinenlust
Shrine to the Pumas near the Embassy of Cat-Herders United
Catholic Chapel at the Estados Vaticanos Grand Embassy
Lake Natio and the Pax Canal in the center of the Diplomat’s Precinct
Obelisk on High of Middle Barael on the south shore of Lake Natio
High Obelisk of Forest on the north shore of Lake Natio, east of the Pax Canal
Diplomat’s Quarters
Part of the West Wing of the Government Royal Palace in Middle Barael City
The Grand Synagogue
The Temple of Thought
Botanical Gardens (including a humane zoo and an extensive aquarium)
Two pyramids at the foot of the Botanical Gardens
World Assembly offices in Middle Barael City
Union of Forest offices in Middle Barael City
Middle Barael Foreign Ministry offices