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The Most Serene Eco-Republic of Middle Barael

“Knowledge, Nature, Peace, and Order make a Golden Age”

Category: Democratic Socialists
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Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: Forest



Brother Nations and Puppets

Our brother nation is Gandenia, formerly known as the South Altan Resistance. Our founder of legend and their founder of legend were brothers, and weve been allies since. We supplied administrative help, supplies, and intel and strategic support to the South Altan Resistance during the South Altan Civil War, and once the South Altan Resistance merged with the North Altan Government-in-Exile and formally reorganized into the country of Gandenia, we formally decided to help them fight against the corrupt government of South Altos which had gained power in a coup and then proceeded to invade North Altos.

OOC, my other puppets are Mowte, Eco-Fardelshufflestein, and formerly Le krac des pacifistes

Our relations with Mowte: While relations have been strained lately, we help each other out diplomatically. They ask us to help gain recognition and respect despite their authoritarianism and corruption, and we ask them to do some of the dirty work and the fighting for us so as not to destroy our reputation. We also send some of our people indicted for corruption or the like to Mowte, and they send some activists, pacifists, and the like to Middle Barael. In addition, we have a permanent Spy Ring active in Mowte, both to report on internal Mowte happenings, but also to help extract and rescue people from Mowte who are being oppressed. To date, we have extracted and rescued hundreds of thousands of Morticians through this operation, and settled them permanently in the city of Nebo, which borders Mowte and which is the headquarters of this operation.

Our relations with Le krac des pacifistes: While their somewhat feudal ways may be frowned upon here, we do appreciate many things of theirs, including their great healthcare system, their relative eco-friendliness, and their love of culture. They are one of our main vacation spots, with many Baraelim visiting the the Citadel Hospitallier, their capital, as well as Fort Pacifiste, Maltarch, and Fer-Evan-Mits-a-Mndan Chapel, as well as its many fields, fjords, mountains, and most especially its karsts. Since the collapse of their Government a few months ago, Middle Barael has accepted many refugees, including their ambassador to Middle Barael, Lady Tshon Mara Sapayur.

Our relations with Eco-Fardelshufflestein: While we dislike their authoritarian and fascist ways, we do appreciate their extreme Environmentalism and their Progressivism. However, relations are still strained, and we have a permanent Spy Ring extracting and rescuing people, similar to the one active in Mowte. However, Eco-Fardelshufflestein has far better relations with us than Mowte, for we agree on many issues such as environmental issues, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, and anti-racism. Despite this, we still are against them overall, as they are way too authoritarian, nationalist, and anti-foreigner.