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The Most Serene Eco-Republic of Middle Barael

“Knowledge, Nature, Peace, and Order make a Golden Age”

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Regional Influence: Apprentice

Location: Forest



Legislation and Other Information (WIP)

The following are laws passed in the Parliament of Middle Barael and approved by the elected King:

Gun Restricition Act of 2018
1. Automatically banning the sale, usage, possession, and purchase of all assault weapons, including automatic guns, semi-automatic guns, and machine guns, with the following exceptions:

a. Military personnel
b. SWAT teams
c. Special police units
d. Domestic security and counter-terrorism agents

None of these people are permitted to take these outlawed firearms home, and they are not permitted to use them outside of their prescribed uses.

2. All gun purchases are subject to background checks, regulations, red flag laws, mental health screenings, and arbitrary refusal by the seller or by the police or federal government.

3. Depending on the type and model of the gun bought, there will be certain prescribed limits on the magazine capacity, amount of bullets, and amount of magazines purchased.

4. Certain guns will not be permitted in public places.

5. The government will issue money equivalent to the current valuation of the gun minus any additional fees or expenses for all guns bought before this law was passed.

6. Any guns bought after the passage of this law and any guns owned after the end of the grace period shall be taken, without compensation, and owner/buyer will be prosecuted.

Voting Rights
Who currently has the right to vote in your nation?: Anyone over 18, as well as 16- or 17-year-olds who have either passed a political literacy test or who have taken a certain one-hour class about the candidates and the parties within 30 days of the election.

Who does not have the right to vote in your nation?: Those younger than the age, as well as convicts who committed a violent crime and are still in prison, and anyone who has committed mass murder of any kind, including shootings and serial killing.

What is the timeline of suffrage in your nation?
~50 BCE: Democracy established on the Island of Cothon, our main island.
~1340: Local Democracy established in certain Italian localities on the mainland
~1780: The entire Mainland has democracy, though women and certain ethnic groups cannot vote
1865- Cothon gives all men suffrage, regardless of economic class or ethnic background
1867: The Mainland gives all men suffrage, regardless of economic class or ethnic background
1898: Women gain suffrage
1952: Non-citizen legal residents who have been in the country for over 10 years may vote in local elections
1954: Non-citizen legal residents who have been in the country for over 10 years may vote in any election, while those who have been here for 5 or more can vote in local elections.
2016: Any legal resident or citizen may vote in local elections, and those who have been in the country for over 5 years may vote in general elections.
2018: Anyone can vote with mail-in ballots instead of going to the polls
2019: Anyone can vote with absentee ballots instead of going to the polls or voting by mail. In addition, All party members are automatically registered to vote, and all Baraelim will receive a registration form in the mail. Finally, all physical voting locations, including the polls and ballot drop-off boxes, must have a place to quickly register to vote on site.

    Minimum Legal Age to:
  • Get a driver's license: It varies by province, but the default is 16 or 17 to start training and 18 to get the license. For some however, it is lower, such as Southern Cothon province, which has 15 to start training and 16 for the license, the lowest in the country, while others have it higher, such as Northern Barael, where you start training at 17 and get the license at 18.

  • Vote in elections: 18 normally. However, if a 16- or 17-year old either passes a political literacy test, or if they have taken a specific one-hour-long class on the candidates and the parties within 30 days of the election, they may vote at those younger ages.

  • Get married: 18 as long as the age difference is under 2 years. If the age difference is over 2 years, you must wait until 21, although very few get married before 21 anyways.

  • Join the military: 18 is the minimum age to join the military, but one can only be actively deployed at 21

  • Age of consent: 21

  • Buy/drink alcohol: 21 (this is commonly broken)

  • Buy/use marijuana: Marijuana is illegal, but decriminalized for those over 21. If you are younger than 21, you must do community service, get some sort of help, and you must repay any damages caused while under the influence of cannabis. If one is over 21, and they are caught, the only thing they must do is repay for any damages caused, although sometimes they also have to do a day or two of community service if it was severe.

  • Buy/use any other drugs: Most other drugs are illegal although they are treated as mental health issues, not criminal issues, although smoking is legal at 21.

  • Be legally recognized as an adult under your nation's laws: 18, although if they are arrested, they have to do the Punishment for Minors until the age of 21, meaning Juvenile Detention Facilites are up to 21, while normal Jails are 21 and older.

  • Become leader of your country: 24

Type of Monarchy: Democratically-Elected Constitutional Monarchical Semi-Presdiential Republic (a semi-presidential republic, except the head of state is referred to as "King" or "Queen")
Primary Title Name (king, emperor, etc): King (male), Queen (female), or Monarch (neutral/non-binary)
Title of primary heir: N/A (there is no heir; if the king dies, a new election is held for the king ship)

Order of Succession System:
[ ] Primogeniture
[ ] Ultimogeniture
[ ] Seniority
[X] Elective
[ ] Appointed
[ ] Other (explain)
If your nation utilizes an elective or appointed system, who determines the heir? The people elect a new king every 13 years, or whenever the current king dies
Any additional notes regarding your nation's system? The king is purely a title; they function exactly like a president in a semi-presidential republic, as the head of state.

Gender Law:
[ ] Agnatic (male only)
[ ] Agnatic-Cognatic (male preference)
[X] Cognatic (equal)
[ ] Enatic-Cognatic (female preference)
[ ] Enatic (female only)
[ ] Other (explain)

Current monarch: King Solomon Navarrie
Primary heir: N/A
Secondary heir (if applicable): N/A