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The Cothon of Cothon City

The Cothon is the main harbor of Cothon City, the largest and oldest major city in Middle Barael. A Cothon was a type of artificial harbor built by the ancient Phoenicians. They consisted of a rectangular passageway leading into a large, round harbor lined with buildings and stalls. The Cothon was the center of commerce and trade within the Phoenician colonies. The most famous Cothon was located in Carthage, and even today you can easily make out the round harbor in its ruins.
The Cothon of Cothon City, however, is different for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is the only Cothon in the world still in use today, and it is the main port of Cothon City even today. Secondly, the “round part” of the Cothon is not actually shaped like a circle; it is shaped like an onion, which some theorize has led to the abundance of onion-shaped arches and onion domes in parts of the city.

The Cothon is the center of life in Cothon City, even giving the city its name. The Cothon was built by the Phoenicians, the first settlers on the island, around 2,950 years ago, and it has continued to exist throughout the Greek, Ottoman, and Modern eras. These three communities, the Phoenicians, Greeks and Ottomans, each made their mark on both the city and its Cothon, and all are heavily influential in the city. At the front of the Cothon is the Grand Pavilion, a palatial gateway built roughly 140 years ago to honor the history of Cothon City. The Cothon is included on the Forest Cultural Heritage Register, as a Material piece of heritage, although some of the usual protections for the sites are not included for the Cothon since it is still used as a harbor today. The Cothon is surrounded by ancient buildings that are still used today, as well as business, market stalls, homes, and shipping businesses. The Cothon is a living testament to the history of Cothon City, a historical site that is both ancient yet still lively today.