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The Ancient Baptist Republic of New Waldensia

“Lux lucet in tenebris”

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Location: Republic of Conservative Nations



Application for New Waldensia (1910: Iron and Blood)

My application for the Federation of Conservative Nations RP 1910: Iron and Blood.

Additional factbooks: Texoma Politics, Texoma Demographics, Texoma Military.

Full NationStates Name: New Waldensia
Full RP Name: 1910: Iron and Blood
Starting Claim: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana
RP Nation Name: Republic of Texoma

Government Type: Federal Republic
Head of State: President Oscar Branch Colquitt (VP Thomas Adair)
Head of Government: President Colquitt
Capital City: Austin, Texas
Estimated Population: 9,110,000

    Texas (capital city, Austin) - 3,900,000
    Oklahoma (capital city, Muskogee) - 1,660,000
    Louisiana (capital city, Baton Rouge) - 1,650,000
    Arkansas (capital city, Little Rock) - 1,570,000
    New Mexico (capital city, Santa Fe) - 330,000

History: [US history up to 1861]
After the Confederate victory in the American Civil War in 1863, the states that now make up the Republic of Texoma existed side-by-side with the rest of the Confederacy. By the late 1860s, however, quarreling among the western Confederacy due to a focus on eastern states led to tension, and in 1872 Texas and the Trans-Mississippi region separated to form the Republic of Texoma. Slavery, which had been on the decline since 1868, was abolished in 1874.

Texoma defeated the Comanche and Kiowa tribes in the 1870s, and fighting with the Apache ended in 1882. Periodic cross-border skirmishes with Mexican bandits have taken place since the early 1890s.

In 1873, Indian Territory became the state of Oklahoma, and New Mexico became a state in 1890.

Texoma became involved in the Cuban War of Independence, which resulted in a large military buildup and the deployment of Texoman forces to Cuba in assistance of the rebels in 1897. The Texoman Navy fought two sea-battles with the Spanish, losing the first skirmish but defeating the Spanish Navy in the second engagement. 4,000 Rangers and an Army expeditionary force of 24,000 landed and defeated the Spanish in a three-month campaign.

Oil was discovered in Oklahoma and Texas between 1895 and 1905, sparking an oil boom that extended into Louisiana by 1908. By 1910, the Republic was producing 210,000 barrels per year (52,000 bbl/yr in Oklahoma, 9,000 bbl/yr in Texas, and 7,000/yr bbl in Louisiana). Petroleum extraction and refining has become a major sector in the Texoma economy.

Type: Market
Development: Developing
Imports: steel and other metals, manufactured goods, coal, rubber
Exports: Cotton, petroleum and byproducts, grain, beef and poultry, lumber
Nominal GDP: $2,594,750,000
Federal budget: $77,800,000 (3% GDP)
Nominal per capita: $284.82

    Texas - $310 ($1,209,000,000)
    Oklahoma - $308 ($511,280,000)
    Louisiana - $274 ($452,100,000)
    Arkansas - $219 ($343,830,000)
    New Mexico - $238 ($78,540,000)

Transportation: Linkrailways map, Linkpaved road map

Military Strength
Priority: moderate

    Firearms: Springfield M1903 rifle, Colt M1905 .45ACP pistol
    Field guns: 3" M1902 field gun, 1.65" Hotchkiss Mountain Gun, 3" Hotchkiss Mountain Gun
    Machine guns: Gatling gun, M1895 Colt machine gun

Budget (% GDP): $59,700,000 (2.3%)

Eligible Manpower: 3,600,000
Active Troops: 63,000

    45,000 Army (budget: $40,500,000)
    12,000 Navy (budget: $13,600,000)
    6,000 Rangers (budget: $5,600,000)

Army Reserves / State Militias: 9,000 / 36,500

Nuevo Leon - 390,000
Chihuahua - 320,000
Coahuila - 300,000
Tamaulipas - 260,000

Tamaulipas - $83 ($21,580,000)
Nuevo Leon - $72 ($28,080,000)
Coahuila - $64 ($19,200,000)
Chihuahua - $58 ($18,560,000)