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The Ancient Baptist Republic of New Waldensia

“Lux lucet in tenebris”

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Enforcer

Location: Republic of Conservative Nations



(FCN Roleplay) Kingdom of Waldensia

    Port Vaudois, PU (largest city) - population 100,000
    Valdenton, KM (capital city) - population 70,000
    Piedmont, PU - population 29,500
    Arnaud, PU - population 25,000
    Arpitan, MS - population 23,000
    Harborg, KM - population 14,500
    Luberon, OI - population 13,000
    Pelis, MS - population 10,500
    Ensomby, NL - population 3,000
    Barren Point, NL - population 1,000

Population by region

    Pianura (The Plains) - 208,000
    Karski Mountains (Rugged Mountains) - 125,000
    Midstrond (Central Coast) - 66,000
    Odslig Isle (Lonely Isle) - 24,000
    Nordland (North Country) - 9,500



Main economy by region

    Pianura: farming, shipping (Port Vaudois), livestock
    Karski Mountains: mining (ore, stone), furs
    Midstrond: lumber, livestock, fishing
    Odslig Isle: fishing, lumber
    Nordland: furs


The Kingdom of Waldensia has been ruled by the House of Waldo since 993. The previous network of clan chieftains and small Bishop-led fiefdoms was reorganized and replaced by the monarchy.

Among the reforms instituted by King Peter I was the removal of political authority and rule from the religious (Catholic) leadership, the strengthening of individual rights, and the institution of a weak nobility.

Each province is divided up by several Barons, with the Barons electing an Earl from among themselves (with the king's assent or veto) to govern the province as a whole. The Earl's primary responsibility is the organization of military defenses within his province, the maintenance of roads, and collection of taxes.

A Council of Nobles (Earls and Barons) serves as a sort of parliament, as a check on unrestrained royal power. The Council is an advisory body to the King, but can override the King by a 3/4ths vote.

Barons by province
Pianura: 14
Karski Mountains: 9
Midstrond: 5
Odslig Isle: 3
Nordland: 2
Total: 33


Pianura: 68% Waldensian Church, 28% Catholic Church, 4% pagan
Karski Mountains: 90% Waldensian Church, 6% Catholic Church, 4% pagan
Midstrond: 77% Waldensian Church, 19% Catholic Church, 4% pagan
Odslig Isle: 83% Waldensian Church, 6% Catholic Church, 11% pagan
Nordland: 74% Waldensian Church, 11% Catholic Church, 15% pagan

TOTAL: 76.7% Waldensian Church, 18.7% Catholic Church, 4.6% pagan

Key Figures
King Peter III

    Age 22
    6th King of the House of Waldo

Lord Bern

    Age 38
    Baron of a large sea-side estate in northern Pianura
    Leader of the Waldensian Navy

Henri of Arnaud

    Age 26
    Cavalry officer, often tasked with special operations

Sir Karl Hensvar

    Age 47
    Baron of Ensomby, Earl of Nordland
    Commander of the Nordland forces

General Pierre Dufon

    Age 45
    Commander of the Waldensian Army

Clayton of Slagenstrand

    Age 33
    Baron of Slagenstrand (estate on northern shore of OI), Earl of Odslig Isle
    Commander of the Odslig Isle forces


In peacetime, the Waldensian Army maintains 75% of its army on active duty, and rotates out 25% every three months. Reserves may be swiftly called up for duty in case of war.

Pianura (The Plains) - 6,250 active -- 9,000 reserve
Karski Mountains (Rugged Mountains) - 4,650 active -- 5,600 reserve
Midstrond (Central Coast) - 1,700 active -- 2,800 reserve
Odslig Isle (Lonely Isle) - 700 active -- 1,350 reserve
Nordland (North Country) - 300 active -- 500 reserve
TOTAL = 13,600 active -- 19,250 reserve

Additional potential forces in time of war (military-age men not in service)
Pianura (The Plains) - 9,700
Karski Mountains (Rugged Mountains) - 8,250
Midstrond (Central Coast) - 2,450
Odslig Isle (Lonely Isle) - 775-
Nordland (North Country) - 425
TOTAL = 21,600

In time of dire straits, older men and young boys that can be called on
Pianura (The Plains) - 18,700
Karski Mountains (Rugged Mountains) - 11,200
Midstrond (Central Coast) - 5,900
Odslig Isle (Lonely Isle) - 2,100
Nordland (North Country) - 850
TOTAL = 38,750


The Waldensian Navy deploys five types of naval vessels:

    Light Longship - crew of 25
    Medium Longship - crew of 50
    Heavy Longship - crew of 100
    Light Galley - crew of 100
    Heavy Galley - crew of 300

Longships are versatile, swift, agile vessels suited to rough seas and shallow waters. Galleys can carry more cargo, but are better suited to deeper waters.

Ship stations by province
Nordland: 3 light longships (75 total crew), 1 medium longship (50 crew). 125 personnel, 4 ships.
Odslig Isle: 15 light longships (375 crew), 7 medium longships (350 crew), 3 heavy longships (300 crew). 1,025 personnel, 25 ships.
Midstrond: 10 light longships (250 crew), 12 medium longships (600 crew), 5 heavy longships (500 crew), 5 light galleys (500 crew), 2 heavy galleys (600 crew). 2,450 personnel, 34 ships.
Pianura: 20 light longships (500 crew), 15 medium longships (750 crew), 10 heavy longships (1,000 crew), 10 light galleys (1,000 crew), 6 heavy galleys (1,800 crew). 5,050 personnel, 61 ships.

Naval inventory
48 light longships (1,200 crew)
35 medium longships (1,750 crew)
18 heavy longships (1,800 crew)
15 light galleys (1,500 crew)
8 heavy galleys (2,400 crew)
8,650 total crew, 124 ships

In peacetime, the Waldensian Navy maintains 75% of its crew on active duty, and rotates out 25% every three months.