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The Mother Trucker of San Cannabis

“Eyes and ears open, black stacks smokin' since 2003”

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Regional Influence: Duckspeaker

Location: Hippy Haven



History of San Cannabis

The following is courtesy of NS WIKI and can be seen Linkhere

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1 Then
2 The One Years War
3 The Man Behind the Legand
4 The End of an Era
5 Now


San Cannabis was the sole founder of a region called Du Maurier which was founded in late 2003. Both San Cannabis' nation and region achieved a remarkable popularity and was at one time a "household name" of the MMORPG NationStates. He was known throughout NationStates for his many devoted followers. Even when it looked like all was lost for San Can and Du Maurier (and this happened several times) they stayed true and persivered by his side to win many battles. He was probably most renowned for the way he would attack his oppesers with his masterful twisting of logic and words. It was always said about San Cannabis "Those who opposed, fell." This was true for every case.

The One Years War

The most remarkable battle was "The one years war" as it is now called. If San Cannabis found someone he couldn't invade because of delegate control over the region, he would defeat them with words and this was mostly the case. The one years war was fought against an ex-region called "The US of A". This particular war was fought on the message boards. The founder and delegate of the region "Prez George W. Bush" was the main problem and San Can's sworn enemy. It was San Cannabis who ripped him apart with words, though not alone, and often poking fun at the prez' terrible spelling and grammer.

The End of an Era

San Cannabis fell suddenly inactive shortly after winning the one years war. His region was taken over too quickly for any of his followers to react. It was taken by a country by the name of Left Wing-1, who was at one time one of his greatest henchmen. Jealous with the power he didn't have, he sought some of San Can's but to no avail. With San Cannabis dead and gone, his followers disbanded the region in search of other things and other people.


It is not known where San Cannabis is or what he is doing. Some still await his return. Shortly before he became inactive he swore revenge on all those who trespassed against him. With that, he vanished. It is hoped one day he returns to NationStates with the carisma and butt kicking ability we all know he has.