by Max Barry

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The Nakedness of Sheelberite

“It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.” Walter J Peabody III

Category: Authoritarian Democracy
Civil Rights:
Political Freedoms:
Below Average

Regional Influence: Sprat

Location: The East Pacific



A bit about Sheelberite.

Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies, Slaves.

No divorce, no cheating, no abortions, no homosexuals, no polygamy, no clothes, no sport, no tattoos, no body piercing, no zoos, no guns, no prisons, no computers, no internet, no cars, no planes, no immigration.

If you do something wrong we can flog you, torture you, kill you, or sacrifice you to the gods.

Euthanasia is legal, and once you get too old, we kill you anyway.

Parents must obtain a license to have children, and children are left in the wild to rear themselves at a young age. Children can be employed as workers.

We have a space program, use the metric system, have universal health care and paid maternity leave, and allow you to smoke Pot.

We have wavering support for weapons of mass destruction, but it depends on the week.