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The Federal Republic of South Artenia

“Peace, Freedom, Motherland.” Alexander Komson

Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
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Regional Influence: Dominator

Location: Commonwealth of Fraternal Nations



History of Second Great Civil War

It all started in 1903 in the Artenian Empire. It was in this year that the first unrest began on the part of the people. The people demanded freedom, democracy, rights, the abolition of slavery, and much more. In December 1904, the first popular demonstration began on the main square of Petrograd, which was brutally suppressed by the police and troops. In February 1905, the First Civil War broke out. It had 3 movements: Monarchists, Democrats and Anarchists. This Civil War ended with the victory of the Monarchists. The excitement subsided, but not for long. Already in 1906 there were demonstrations in different cities of the empire, in 1908 Small Armed Uprisings. And so it continued until 1914. It was in 1914 that the Second Great Civil War broke out. By that time, there were stratifications in the movements and their followers. Therefore, in the Second Civil War there were 5 movements: Communists, Monarchists, Anarchists, Nationalists and Democrats. As a result of the Second Great Civil War, the Artenian Empire was divided into: South Artenia, North artenia, West Artenia and
East artenia. To stop the bloodshed, Southern Artenia founded the Commonwealth of Fraternal Nations, which later included all the breakaway parts of the Artenian Empire. Emperor of the Artenian Empire Nikolay II Romanov miraculously escaped, and rules West Artenia to this day.