by Max Barry

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The Mafian Economic Extremist of The Dark System

“Money, Power, Respect!”

Category: Compulsory Consumerist State
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Regional Influence: Power

Location: The Axis of Evil



The Rise of The Insurgents

Long after the two great wars a group of individuals destroys the largest and all-consuming automobile corporation known as Luxzermark by a deadly computer virus that's wiping out it's data and damaging computer parts lead to an economic crisis in The Dark System. The Dark Empire Zignon respond by stricter laws and security which make it worse that got the capitalist mad, and so they create a coup d'état forces known as The Insurgents leaded by economic extremist who call himself Master Economist that he will run this bourgeois state. Master Economist able to overthrown Zignon by using bribes on the military and made a lot of deals with other companies. Now Master Economist is the 2nd Dark System leader and his views are give corporates more power, focus on the economy and made the rich richer. It not known whether they wanted to invade Kylden again or not.