by Max Barry

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The Glorious Peoples Republic of The Holy Empire of Moronica

“Moronica for morons!”

Category: Psychotic Dictatorship
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Unheard Of

Regional Influence: Minnow

Location: Lazarus



The Holy Empire of Moronica at a glance

The Holy Empire of Moronica was founded on the principles of morality, duty, and unity. Rising from the ashes of the Roman Empire, our nation has been an epicenter of culture and innovation for centuries. Following in the footsteps of the visionary Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, the Holy Empire of Moronica is a model communist state. Crime, income inequality, and unemployment are almost non-existent, and every citizen is represented in and treated equally by the government. Our nation is kept safe and prosperous by our Great Leader, who guides us with his unfailing wisdom and foresight. We are highly industrialized, boasting a proud fishing industry, sprawling arms industry, and booming agricultural market. The Holy Empire of Moronica is located in the heart of Europe, allowing easy travel and trade with other nations. The Moronican People's Army, Navy, Air Force, and Air Defense Force provide security along our own borders, and promote peace and stability abroad. We can only cover so much in this brief overview, so if you want to learn more, please come and visit! We promise that you'll enjoy your experience here!