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The Pierceian Civil War [1877 - 1885] [WIP]

Part I. Background

On April 14th, 1873, the Pierceian Social Minister, George H. Hamilton signed a bill, the so-called Voter Identity Act of 1873. It prohibited citizens from objecting to recounts in elections from the national to provincial level. This bill prohibited people from requesting recounts as stated, many saw this as a cover-up from The Hamilton Administration after major accusations of voter fraud in the 1871 election, people thought this election was rigged as he gained 102 delegates at once.

On April 26th, it passed. This sparked outrage across the nation, Hamilton's approval rating dropped by 17%, then he promptly sent out the military after the protesters. The protesters fought back by stealing guns, other weapons, and military equipment.

On February 9th, 1874, he expanded the controversial "Military Spending Act of 1869". It was a bill that let social ministers put tons of Franklins into military spending. This bill was so controversial because it was prioritizing things over government, cultural, and scientific advancement.

On September 3rd, 1875, the election occurred. It was shocking to many that Hamilton won, he became the first social minister to lose the popular vote.

By the start of his second term, he had only a 41% approval rating, this being low, but this would not be his lowest.

On November 13th, 1876, he signed the most controversial bill of his ministry. The so-called Law And Order Act of 1876.
This bill allowed people to be executed without any trial. This would lead to the most executions in Pierceian history, from 1876 - 1904.

Part II. The Start of The War

On March 8th, 1877, multiple parts of the country split off from the nation. The fighting quickly started, as blood was spilled, the social minister decided to not do anything at the start of the war.

On March 9th, 1877, he declared a state of emergency.

The newly established rebellious nation named itself The Constitutionalist Rebellious.

The first battle struck in St. Redman, the capital, the third most populated, and fifth biggest city in The Pierce.
It started looking good for The Pierce, however, the tides had turned by the seventh day of fighting there.
The Rebellious Military started to do unethical means to soldiers, especially females, the disgusting nature of their actions angered many.
This would be used to get people in the Pierceian Military.

June 6th, 1879, The assassination of Top Pierceian General Di'alee took place. This caused many across the nation to panic.